Cleared Recruitment: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 1, 2024

You just won a government contract but now cannot find capable security-cleared candidates to execute it. You end up losing money and time. What should you do?

Recruiting cleared candidates can be challenging, but with a comprehensive strategy, rigor, and experience, you can overcome this challenge. Here is everything you need to know about cleared recruitment – from recruiting and retaining to keeping up with the latest trends in this industry.

21 cleared recruitment terms | iQuasar LLC21 Cleared Recruitment Terms You Need to Know

Starting out in the cleared recruitment field can be overwhelming, and full of complex terms and phrases. But once you get to know the latest terms used in the industry, everything becomes clearer. We’ve put together a list of these technical terms to help both job seekers and employers. This guide will make it easier for everyone to find their way into the cleared job market.

Top 5 Outsource your Cleared Recruitment ProcessTop 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Cleared Recruitment Process

Did you know that an increasing number of government contractors are turning to specialized firms for outsourcing cleared recruitment rather than relying on in-house recruitment teams? SkyQuest Survey reveals that 60% of companies opt for Recruitment Process Outsourcing services to hire quality candidates and reduce hiring time.

How to recruit cleared candidates

How to Recruit Cleared Candidates for Your Government Contracts

When recruiting for government contracts, one of the most challenging aspects of the work is to reach and hire cleared candidates. Anyone performing in an environment requiring sensitive information access must hold a security clearance.


Latest trends in Cleared recruitment industry | iQuasar

Top 6 Trends in the Cleared Recruitment Industry for 2024

The cleared recruitment industry is in a perpetual state of evolution. In 2024, government contractors and federal agencies will have to plan new recruitment goals as the job market constantly evolves. Staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the evolving landscape is the key to success.

Hiring On Site Cleared Candidates | iQuasar

5 Strategies for Hiring On-Site Cleared Candidates

As more organizations institute on-site work policies, filling positions with on-site employees has become increasingly difficult. How do you hire when there are no remote work opportunities?


7 Best Practices for Recruiting Cleared Candidates for Non-Funded Proposal Positions | iQuasar

7 Best Practices for Recruiting Cleared Candidates for Non-Funded Proposal Positions

Federal recruitment is challenging when recruiting for a non-funded proposal position or a key personnel position. To recruit for such a position, one must maintain a good relationship with the cleared candidates and the program/project manager.

Retaining cleared candidates | iQuasar

Eight Things to do to Retain Security Cleared Professionals

With new government contracts and opportunities coming up every day, cleared professionals don’t think twice before switching their full-scope polygraph jobs if their current one doesn’t suit them.


Recruiting Cleared cybersecurity candidates | iQuasar

Succeeding at Recruitment for Cleared Cybersecurity Positions

Hiring the right, cleared cybersecurity professionals is challenging due to the Cybersecurity skills shortage and increased cyber attacks. Ransomware attacks targeted 14 of the 16 critical infrastructures.


iQuasar offers Cleared Recruitment Services to Government Contractors for agencies such as DoD, DHS, DOE, CONUS, and OCONUS. Our established network and vast pool of candidates accumulated over 18+ years, coupled with the latest tools, technologies, and methods, can address the unique challenges of cleared community.

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