Succeeding at Recruitment for Cleared Cybersecurity Positions

Jul 12, 2022

Ransomware attacks targeted 14 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors in the US in 2021, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. US Cybersecurity agencies observed that ransomware incidents became more sophisticated throughout 2021 and that attackers were able to have a greater impact by focusing on cloud services, managed service providers, the software supply chain, and industrial processes. Given the rise in Cybersecurity crime in the United States, it has become one of the most critical security threats that the country is currently facing.

Selecting and installing proper Cybersecurity solutions is a crucial step, and businesses require skilled professionals to achieve this vital objective. Demand for this talent is increasing as more federal organizations acknowledge the need to have Cybersecurity professionals on their teams. However, hiring the right, Cleared Cybersecurity professionals is challenging due to the Cybersecurity skills shortage and increased cyber attacks.

This blog briefly describes the eight guidelines that Small and Medium Business (SMB) government contractors should follow to excel at recruiting for Cybersecurity positions.

8 Best Practices for Recruiting a Cleared Cybersecurity Professional

61% of firms believe that less than half of candidates for open Cybersecurity roles are qualified for the job. Unfilled Cybersecurity jobs increased by 350%, from 1 million positions in 2013 to 3.5 million in 2021. Companies desperately want skilled personnel to combat the rising wave of cyber attacks, which cost billions annually. The inability to fill critical positions is becoming the most severe Cybersecurity issue, dwarfing the threats posed by ransomware and other attacks.

Several factors need to be considered when looking for Cleared Cybersecurity talent:

  • Provide Prospects with a Complete View of the Opportunity
    Cleared Cybersecurity Professionals often join organizations based on the nature of the job they would be performing, and they are more inclined to look for opportunities where they might be able to accomplish challenging and innovative work. Besides challenging work, many employees appreciate flexible work arrangements, paid parental leave, health insurance, education expenses/certifications, etc. For the candidates to grasp the whole picture, the recruiting manager must outline the distinctive selling features of each job position. Doing this makes it less likely that a candidate will focus on only one part of the offer, such as the basic salary.
  • Identify Vulnerabilities and Prioritize Required Skills
    Cybersecurity requires a diverse set of abilities and experiences. From proactive skills, such as preventing vulnerabilities during software development and deployment to reactive skills, such as detecting breaches and mitigating damage, auditing and firewalls, there is something for everyone. Understanding and prioritizing its security needs enables a business to conduct a more targeted search, boosting sourcing and IT recruiting results.
  • Look for Skills that Go Beyond Academic Education
    Some of the most skilled Cleared Cybersecurity experts lack formal Cybersecurity training, but they are excellent creative problem solvers and have fresh perspectives on problems. Team fit is another important aspect to take into account when evaluating candidates since employing an individual and creating the finest team are two different things.
  • Use a Duo Approach
    SMB contractors need entry-level talent and seasoned professionals to staff the Cleared Cybersecurity team to keep the organization safe. People with hands-on experience might be hard to find, but they exist. Access to these individuals can be obtained via industry consultants who have worked with organizations with a dedicated focus on filling Cybersecurity positions. Employers should be as accessible as possible to attract the best talent. Also, companies should ensure blogging or publishing other content regarding the company’s strategy for having the highest levels of Cybersecurity.
  • Highlight Opportunities for Development and Learning
    One key aspect to consider when hiring Cleared Cybersecurity personnel is the availability of opportunities for learning and progression. While every industry experiences change, the Cybersecurity industry is growing more quickly than others. Cleared Cybersecurity professionals are acutely aware of the importance of continuous learning and development. Thus, the Cybersecurity industry needs to be proactive and responsive to the new difficulties that arise every day. This might take the form of informal workshops within the organization, industry conferences, networking events, and opportunities for further study. Further employee retention and recruitment can be improved by reskilling and up-skilling Cybersecurity professionals on the tools required to manage the company’s new systems.
  • The Best Defense is to Recruit Wisely
    It has long been believed that investing in human resources is the best decision a business can make. This is especially true when building Cleared Cybersecurity teams in the current commercial environment. If the Federal Government has the right talent, they have a much better chance of preventing hacks, breaches, and attacks in the first place.
  • Be Flexible in your Offers
    Salary guidelines are beneficial in practically every industry. In the realm of Cleared Cybersecurity, things are a bit different. While recruiting teams from around the world are working on it, less precise data is available to estimate the range for the various positions in the company. The high cost of hiring highly skilled experts must be reflected in their remuneration. On the other hand, experienced and new employees can benefit significantly from the organization’s chances for training and growth.
    Communicate how working for your organization delivers prospects beyond income. How will they be able to contribute to the development of your company’s overall Cybersecurity strategy? Are they able to attend industry events? Do you have a sufficient budget that allows them to construct the resources they require to do their work well? Such factors might make your organization a magnet for Cybersecurity specialists looking to advance their careers.
  • Sponsoring for Certifications or Higher Education
    As Cybersecurity specialists for the US Government, professionals in the field guard some of the most sensitive data. They are confronted with new hazards and dangers every day; they must therefore be the best at the game. To retain personnel and keep them up to date on the latest trends in the cyber realm, several federal contractors pay for their staff to pursue higher education or Cybersecurity certifications.


It’s very challenging to find the best Cybersecurity talent. In a scarce Cybersecurity labor market, where demand often outstrips supply, the quality of applicants is a hurdle for effective recruiting. Partnering with recruiting firms experienced in hiring Cleared Cybersecurity specialists willing to invest the time and resources necessary to find the right candidate can save your company time in the long run. At iQuasar, we have an extensive database of Cleared Cybersecurity professionals and access to various Cleared job boards. We have a diverse team of professionals specializing in locating, screening, vetting, and recruiting certified, Cleared Cybersecurity professionals.

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