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When you don’t have internal recruitment capacity or capability and want to fill your cleared positions for winning results
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Government Contractors Turn To iQuasar When

  • Unfamiliar with the cleared recruitment process and requiring end-to-end support for federal contract staffing
  • Finding it difficult to fill positions that require high-level of security clearance for existing and upcoming contracts
  • Finding it difficult to fill niche skill positions such as Splunk Developers, Cybersecurity Professionals, Data Scientists, etc.
  • Interested in an engagement that gets excellent results at an affordable cost and where access to recruiting assets (industry databases, software systems, robust processes, proprietary methodologies) in addition to just a recruiter is part of the service
  • Interested in optimizing turnaround time to fill roles requiring clearances like lifestyle polygraph or CI level polygraph among others

iQuasar’s Recruitment Professionals assigned to a client become an integral part of their team, work under the client’s management structure, and recruit Federal security cleared resources for the client’s job requisitions.
Our Offerings
  • With more that 15+ years of experience in recruitment, we source, recruit, and hire Federal Security Cleared candidates for you at up to 60% savings compared to other firms
  • We have an internally developed process and use a commercial applicant tracking software system to identify, vet, and store relevant resumes for niche skill positions
  • We use external databases of millions of available resources through licensed portals like Clearance Jobs, Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite etc.
  • Our experts evaluate your open requisitions and guide you on compensation levels and provide other market insights
  • We reach candidates using our multi-channel communication process, built on standardized candidate profiles with all the information including the best number and time to reach out to them
  • Our experienced team of recruiters relies on sound processes, tools, technologies to reduce the time to fill open positions requiring security clearances
  • Typical service levels, depending on the requisition and the clearance requirements, are:
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Why Us?
  • We are results-driven, responsive and customer centric
  • We guarantee high quality security cleared candidates with a resume acceptance percentage of 90%+
  • Our large database of candidates, developed over 15 years, consists of information of candidates with niche skill sets
  • We use artificial intelligence driven algorithms to scan and track resumes that speeds up the process of resume sourcing
  • We yield faster time-to-hire even for hard-to-fill roles
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