While iQuasar’s primary corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus is to support projects and initiatives that empower children and youth — especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds — to become meaningful and contributing citizens of the world, our CSR team is constantly evaluating various initiatives and strategies to help the society at large.

giving back
giving back
giving back
giving back



Employ youth and prepare them to make a positive social contribution


Develop cost effective Products and Services to address customer needs


Adopt the highest standards of Ethics, Honesty & Accountability


Delight our customers by becoming their trusted partners

Our Purpose is to exist with a passion for People, Products, Partners, and Probity. Giving back by creating shared value and transforming businesses and peoples’ lives is deeply rooted in iQuasar’s Purpose

Our platform drives us to become a model organization that shatters the short-sighted barriers and blurs the lines between for-profit and nonprofit constructs. That is what we are supposed to do! That is what we drive ourselves to do!

We continue to build a platform that enables us to make positive differences in people’s lives: Colleagues, Community, Customers

We strive to stand tall on this platform, making significant contributions and having a positive impact in the communities where we live, work, and are from.


The leadership team at iQuasar leads by example in fostering a culture of social responsibility and giving back to the communities we serve. Our leadership team has led various CSR initiatives, initiated multiple community-focused projects, founded new initiatives, and served on the boards of many local and global organizations with a passion for supporting meaningful projects and assisting with the implementation of new out-of-the-box innovative ideas over the last several years.

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