At IQuasar, we are determined to leave a legacy of positive change as we seek to realize our ambitious goal of global harmony for all. We strive to improve the world through our initiatives, leaving an indelible imprint on the communities we serve in.


NOVA Educational Foundation

iQuasar sponsors scholarships at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) through their Educational Foundation, serving the NOVA community since 1979 and supporting NVCC’s goal of providing all students with a high-quality, life-changing education.

Loudoun Education Foundation

iQuasar works very closely with Loudoun Education Foundation (LEF) and supports its mission to empower all students of local school district, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), to make meaningful contributions to the world. iQuasar is proud that its team members support and volunteer with LEF and play a significant role in mentoring LCPS students coming through the internship program.


What Recipients Have to Say about Our Internships

“In addition to reducing my financial load, iQuasar’s confidence in my abilities and encouragement have inspired me to pursue academic achievement. Your financial support of my study is a true blessing, and I’m determined to make full use of the chance. Once again, I want to thank you for your generosity and your faith in my abilities.”

“I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for iQuasar’s generous scholarship donation of $1,500 to me. There are many things that were not possible without this scholarship. Your support is instrumental in enabling me to continue my studies. I am deeply grateful for your generosity and support. Thank You”

Thank you for making this scholarship possible. Because of it, I will be able to achieve my career goals and take care of my family as I grow older. The best part is that i can do this without loans. To be a college student without debt is a sort of happiness that I cannot fully express. I will be taking the next steps in becoming a computer scientist without too much financial worries thanks to the scholarship. Please continue to make a difference in student’s lives. I thank you again!
Peter Nguyen

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