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iQuasar is a technology services company based out of greater Washington, D.C. that has been in the business for more than a decade. We are experienced in working with Federal, State, and Local Government as well as Commercial customers. Our employees and contractors have served customers like the Federal Reserve Board, United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO), Comcast Cable, Frontier Wireless, T-Mobile, IBM, Departments of Transportation & Treasury, and Commonwealths of VA & PA, among many others.

We have strong capabilities in Program/ Project Management, Application & System Development/Administration, Help Desk, Cloud, Business Process Design, and Cybersecurity. We are an authorized Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google partner. We provide Information Technology services to our broad customer base and proposal development and recruitment process outsourcing services to our government contractor customers.

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Domain Expertise
Government Contractors

“Through our vertical expertise in telecommunications (cable, wireless, telco), healthcare, financial services/banking, education, e-commerce retail, and government, We are a partner that is not only an expert in Information Technology but also rooted in the industries of our customers.”


  • Confused with technical jargon and buzzwords and unsure which information technology solutions to pursue for their organizations
  • Finding it difficult to automate their business processes because off-the-shelf software is too costly and difficult to configure to their unique needs
  • Overwhelmed with managing their computers, servers, web sites, hosting, data back-ups, and keeping their computers updated with software
  • Interested in implementing cloud based collaboration tools to unleash the productivity of their teams and to help them collaborate
  • Looking to find a trusted partner who can provide all their Information Technology services, so that they can focus on their core business

Vision & Mission
Get listed on a major stock exchange in the next ten years


Train employees to help them make positive contributions to society


Develop cost-effective products and services to address customer needs


Delight our customers by becoming their trusted partners


Adhere to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and accountability

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