Simon Flom

President & CEO, Turbo Federal

“iQuasar has provided exceptional proposal and staffing support that has become an indispensable part of our business as a government contractor. Their team quickly and seamlessly integrated with our existing tools and 

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processes for proposal writing and staffing, contributing value and paying for itself from day 1. Their proposal resources are able to produce professional grade quality documents quickly and at a fraction of the price of outsourcing alternatives. They have a great turn-key approach in place for document creation to respond to solicitations, regardless of size or complexity, and have saved us tens of thousands of dollars in writing costs. Their staffing team works aggressively to find and submit candidates to open requirements, including very difficult to fill, unicorn type positions, and do not rest until multiple candidates have been submitted. We are truly grateful and fortunate to have found such a fantastic firm for supporting bid & proposal and staffing efforts. Thank you iQuasar!”

Luis A. Riesco

President, Lumark

“iQuasar has been easy, quick, reliable, affordable and very effective in providing qualified professional resources to meet our planned and unplanned staffing requirements. Their timely and clear communications regarding

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qualified candidates allows our hiring managers to make well informed decisions on whether to consider (or not) a prospective iQuasar candidate. Their senior management have repeatedly demonstrated flexibility in working with us to reach staffing solutions that cater to the numerous unique Federal Government client contract and program office requirements (e.g. resume screening, in-person interviews, key personnel requirements, agency security, …). We will continue to leverage iQuasar and their wonderful staffing support to meet our growing new business resource needs.”

Dr. Edward DeVilliers

President, DeVilliers Technology Solutions

“iQuasar provided us a dedicated person to assist us in pipeline and proposal development. The person they assigned to me was dedicated, dependable and industrious. He developed excellent products for me that were compliant

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with the RFP. Additionally, he was able to reach inside the company for additional resources, such as recruitment, to fill specific positions. His management made a consistent effort to contact us to make sure we were satisfied, and I could tell they were genuinely interested in our success. They continue to be a team mate on RFPs to satisfy key IT and staffing requirements.”

Barbara Hennessy

President and CEO, CDS2

“We have been very pleased with iQuasar. They have been very prompt in their turnaround time in providing resumes of highly qualified candidates. We have tasked them with finding

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highly technical positions, and they have not disappointed. Many times, we have given them as little as 48 hours to find qualified candidates. They have exceptional communication with us and keep us updated multiple times daily as to how their recruiting search is going. We look forward to our continued relationship with them.”

Glen Adams

CEO, Cogent Solutions, Inc

“iQuasar provides excellent proposal development services that lead to Cogent Solutions’ winning several Federal Government proposals. Their capabilities to read solicitations,

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develop a proposal strategy, and write the technical proposal with meaningful graphics is second to none. I highly recommend iQuasar. iQuasar has worked beyond normal business hours, including nights and weekends to meet our proposal deadlines. The iQuasar team never says no, always going above and beyond. Their Attitude, Availability, Affordability, and Capabilities are added values that makes it easy to hire an off-shore proposal resource.”

Carmine Taglialatela

VP Business Development, TecPort Solutions INC.

“iQuasar was tasked with various aspects of proposal development and web site design. We have been very pleased with the overall 

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deliverables and partnership approach taken by iQuasar, compliant with the RFP. Additionally, he was able to reach inside the company for additional resources, such as recruitment, to fill specific positions. His management made a consistent effort to contact us to make sure we were satisfied, and I could tell they were genuinely interested in our success. They continue to be a team mate on RFPs to satisfy key IT and staffing requirements.”

Timothy Mercer


“The team at iQuasar has provided us with an exceptional support over the past few years. The resources they provide are very knowledgeable and talented. I would certainly recommend their services.”

Vince Burgher

President, Wymond Associates

“Wymond Associates, LLC is in a very competitive environment. Our success depends on high quality, timely and accurate responses from all our suppliers. iQuasar has been our top-level

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supplier of fully qualified and available resources for Wymond Associates requirements for many years. iQuasar’s outstanding support for our requirements continues to be a key success factor for our success.”

Robert Nelson


“As an 8a and SDVOSB we didn’t have the resources to hire a proposal writer full time. With the assistance of iQuasar and in particular Ameen and Uzma; we were able to win several proposals. The proposals were always

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professional and delivered on time and the ability to only pay for what we needed to be met our needs.”

Conzuelo “CeCe” Sorg

Lead Technical Recruiter, IntelliDyne

“iQuasar has become an instrumental recruiting partner for our company. They have been able to help us identify candidate for our hard-to-fill active positions in addition to critical proposals.

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Often times, our proposals require an incredible fast turnaround, days even, and the iQuasar team has been able to assign resources at a moments notice and provide qualified, pre-screened candidates. Their approach is very collaborative and they maintain a high level of communication throughout the engagement. They have truly become a strategic partner and will be a part of our recruitment strategy for the foreseeable future.”

Vivian Rutherford

CEO, Ronin International

“It has been a pleasure to work with iQuasar. They have several layers of a quality control 

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system; a manager to always back up the proposal writer. Our assigned Proposal Writer has great communication skills and has a pretty technical background. He is always available to work odd hours if needed until the proposal is completed. I would highly recommend iQuasar to any company that requires proposal compliance and technical writing services.”

Gary Richter

Team Lead, Development ; Spargo, Inc.

“J. Spargo & Associates, Inc supports a highly dynamic client base. Several times over the past few years we have been in need of technical staffing assistance for both short and long term

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projects. With many suppliers available iQuasar has been a consistent go-to for us; they have consistently provided well qualified candidates right on time. Whenever our team needs to extend our technical resources iQuasar is at the top of the list.”

Celine Kom

CEO Camus Technologies

“Camus Technologies worked with iQuasar on their proposals. Their cost is really reasonable and they work with you throughout the process.

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The proposal Manager will respond to me even when he is not supposed to be at work or assign a backup 24/7.”

John Sipes

Chief Resource Officer, Syndicus Inc

“iQuasar has been an excellent business partner of Syndicus Inc for over a year. They provide Syndicus competitive candidates for various types of Technical and Professional positions.  The iQuasar Management and Recruiting Team

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is professional, responsive and very easy to work with in identifying and providing candidates who meet client requirements. Syndicus looks forward to continuing to work closely with iQuasar in 2019 and well into the future.”

Christopher P. Larkin

President, eWorthy Technology Solutions, Inc.

“iQuasar has been a recruitment firm eWorthy has employed for many years. They have

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consistently provided high quality technology candidates for us and been very responsive to the quick turnaround demands placed upon them. In our competitive market this is a key factor as success is predicated on providing the best qualified candidates in the shortest timeframe. Because of the diligent efforts of iQuasar we have been able to satisfy a very technology savvy customer and grow our business base.”

Louis Oliva

Executive Vice-President/Partner, DEI

“We have worked with several staffing companies over the years, but none have come close to iQuasar’s effectiveness and professionalism.

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The entire company from management to the actual recruiters understand the importance of what it means to a company such as DEI to not only find qualified candidates, but to provide them in a timely manner. We appreciate the apparent company-wide process which exists with iQuasar’s culture as it speaks to their competency. We have found iQuasar to also have a culture of honor, integrity, diligence and unflappable customer service.”

Chris Campbell

President, Brandywine Drumlabels

“Our daily Operations never required an on-call IT Support Staff. However, as an industry leader we are required to stay on the forefront of technology. iQuasar has quickly become our 

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committed IT consulting and execution partner. Their team has overseen our migration to Google Apps, successfully managed our website connectivity concerns, and upgraded our custom software applications. Thanks to a vigilant monitoring operation, Brandywine now has a 24/7 shield against viruses and other outside threats. We are delighted with the level of expertise, focus, and cost-effective service that iQuasar provides. We look forward to continuing this very valuable partnership.”

Sean Booker

President and CEO, Booker DiMaio

“iQuasar works with its customers to establish the best approach to deliver services provided. iQ is flexible and adjusts to fit the clients’ needs.

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 iQ works with its resources to cater to the client. iQ works with businesses to establish a good relationship with team and partner. iQ provides quality support when requested.”

Robert McCauley

CEO , Ardent Principles Inc

“We have developed a great relationship with iQuasar and their dedication to helping us identify qualified applicants in a shallow

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candidate pool. We appreciate their hard work and creative approach to getting the job done.”

Ateeb Rahman

Lead Technical Recruiter, ASD Inc

“My company ASD, Inc has used iQuasar for the past one year. I have nothing but good things to say. They have been very professional and a great

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company to assist with recruitment. I highly recommend they’re services and recruiter Amir Zargar, he is amazing person to work with.”

Samuel Trotman

President, Space Metrics Inc

“It has been a delightful experience to work with the iQuasar team. We wanted to find a number of people with specialized skills and have them screened, vetted and ostensibly recruited quickly

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for a project that we were bidding. The iQuasar manager took our requirements, circled back with us for clarification on specifics and within days we had a full cadre of very qualified candidates from which to choose. The PM checked in with us on a daily basis to ensure that the candidates being presented were satisfying our requirements.We are absolutely satisfied with the professionalism and the unique value for money that this team offers. Accordingly, we highly recommend iQuasar as the company of choice for recruitment, capture management, proposal prep and ancillary business development services.

James Coleman

Senior Recruiter, CELESTAR

“iQuasar is a professionally run recruiting, sourcing, and sales organization. We have been fortunate to secure their services, They deliver. I have worked with Farrukh,Shah, Ameer Ayub,

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and Ned Sheikh–all superb professionals. I consistently get commendatory correspondence on the work Ned Sheikh conducts from both internal and external customers. Whether it’s Department of State, Department of Defense or Department of Commerce contracts, his consistent attention-to-detail, and results-oriented initiative are exemplary. Here at Celestar, Ned’s work ethic and contributions as a dynamic team player are noteworthy and valued by colleagues and leadership alike.”

Wole Shosanya

Enterprise System Engineer, Magnum IT solutions

“My company “Magnum IT Solutions Inc” working as iQuasar consultant for almost 2 years on a Federal government contract and I have nothing else but good things to say. They have been

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very professional and a great company to work for. I will recommend the company to anyone as a reliable and perfect company to work with.”

Victoria Edgington

President, The AM Agency

“Great customer service and high-quality work. Really improved our proposals. We really consider them as part of our BD team. Got a win within just a few months. I’d recommend them

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 to anyone looking to improve their product.”

Dennis Karambelas

CEO, White Owl Systems Inc

“White Owl Systems used iQuasar recruiting services for several months and found them to be very professional and attentive in every way. We challenged them with particularly difficult

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recruiting opportunities and they successfully completed all assignments in a timely fashion.”

Cathy Raad

President, Civil Engineering Consulting Services, Inc.

“Civil Engineering Consulting Services Inc. is an engineering firm that provides a variety of engineering services with an emphasis on transportation projects, including Hydraulics,

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Roadway Design, Bridge Design, Project Management, Traffic Studies, Environmental, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), Utility Coordination and Construction Management/Monitoring and Inspection. We have used iQuasar (amongst other recruiters) to find bridge engineers and traffic engineers. We have found the company to give qualified people for us to interview and hire. They are very responsive when help is needed setting up interviews etc. Also their rates are better then any competition we worked with. So if you’re looking to hire specialty engineers, we strongly recommend you to contact iQuasar.”

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