5 Strategies for Hiring On-Site Cleared Candidates

Dec 16, 2022

Finding qualified candidates with the right skill set for government contracts can be daunting. As more organizations institute on-site work policies, filling positions with on-site employees has become increasingly difficult. How do you hire when there are no remote work opportunities?

With these changing dynamics, traditional recruitment methods can be ineffective and time-consuming. This blog reveals the secrets to finding cleared candidates in this unique recruiting landscape and outlines the actions that government contractors may take to recruit and retain top talent, especially that with security clearances.

1. Offering a More Competitive PTO policy

Organizations should consider enhancing their Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to remain competitive and attract top talent. With the rapid growth of telecommuting opportunities, offering additional PTO days can help to demonstrate commitment to employee well being while increasing retention rates. Suppose you are providing 25 days off per year. In that case, you may consider adding 5 extra PTO days with the support from Human Resources – ensuring an attractive proposition for prospective candidates.

2. Emphasizing Work Culture

Nearly 35% of U.S. workers believe that company culture is their top most priority when joining a new company. As a small contractor, allow on-site employees to learn skills that enable their career progression But that is not enough. You need to share such policies or success stories on your website or include them in your recruiting campaigns and advertisements when sourcing candidates. Collect testimonials from existing workers who can attest to this.

3. Offering Health Benefits

Attract top talent and demonstrate your commitment to their health with health benefits packages. Offer prospective applicants assurance of excellent health benefits for their families during interviews, which ranks high in recruitment decision-making. Speak with management and human resources about introducing health programs such as a bonus for those who visit their PCP (primary care physician) or an annual stipend for workers who adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

4. Veterans Waiving Medical Benefits

The discussion of medical benefits can be a tricky subject for recruiters. Many veterans seeking to enter the cleared arena choose Tricare – a uniformed services health care program – for their individual or family medical coverage (usually requiring dental or vision from their employer). Tricare comes with an associated cost to employers as the family of employees is also covered in the program. To help relieve costs on behalf of your company, consider asking prospective employees if they choose to waive these medical benefits for financial compensation instead. Develop alternative price options for each job with your controller or finance team so you can also market the benefit.
This can also apply to employees who renounce medical benefits because the employer of a domestic partner or spouse covers them.

5. Programs for Recruiting Volunteers

As an alternative to traditional referral or loyalty bonuses, businesses should consider implementing volunteer recruitment initiatives that offer employees a chance to earn recruiting commissions. Not only does this provide a potential monetary incentive, but it also opens up opportunities for workers to learn new skills such as sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting. Assembling a team of employee-led ambassadors will ensure that your difficult-to-fill roles are addressed efficiently and creatively.

Businesses find it challenging to obtain cleared candidates when remote work opportunities are not available. iQuasar has been in the recruiting business for around a decade and our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge about how best to engage qualified individuals in on-site and hybrid roles when organizations cannot offer telecommuting or remote work options. iQuasar’s dedicated team uses strategies to collect feedback from applicants regarding their preferred joining process without any telecommuting requirements, allowing us a greater chance at success while meeting customer expectations.

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