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Jul 4, 2019

The Client

The Client is an IT Staffing and Recruitment Services company with a focus on consulting in the Healthcare Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Technology Services, especially in Cybersecurity.

The Problem/Challenge

The Client was selected as a Tier 1 staffing and professional services vendor by a multi-billion dollar healthcare company. The Client needed a partner company to work on a new recruitment business and also wanted the partner to fill requisitions from existing customers that had remained open for months. One such position was to identify an experienced User Interface (UI) Engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) in Greenbelt, MD.

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The iQuasar Solution

iQuasar engaged with the Client using our Staffing Services model, whereby we either provide our own employees or newly hired resources for the Client’s requisitions from their customers. On this engagement, we started off immediately working on the UI Engineer requirement at NASA on behalf of the Client, while organizing requirements from the healthcare company customer of the Client for long-term work. Our dedicated team of recruitment professionals utilized different recruiting techniques and sources, and within a week we presented an experienced UI Engineer with the right skill set for the Client’s NASA requirement. iQuasar conducted a technical interview and passed on the candidate to the Client for the final interview process with NASA. This resulted in our resource being selected for the UI Engineer role at NASA.

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How our solution created value for the client:

As a result of retaining us as a Staffing services provider, the client realized the following benefits:

  • The Client was able to turn the opportunity into profit on a requisition that had been languishing for months without any success
  • iQuasar has become a successful partner for the Client, significantly reducing the costs of keeping a large Staffing and Recruitment team in-house. This reduction in costs has freed up cash for business development for our Client.
  • The Client enjoys growth and customer retention as a result of the high-quality work that iQuasar does for them and this sets them apart from their competition, resulting in deeper relationships with their customers.


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