Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Project Based B

Mar 3, 2019

The Client

The client is a market-leading professional consulting firm based out of the Greater Washington DC area, that has been delivering consulting services to Government and Commercial clients for more than a decade.

The Problem/Challenge

  • The client was bidding for a technical proposal with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and did not have the key personnel resumes for the proposal response. They had two days to submit the proposal and needed eight (8) key personnel resumes in two days.
  • The candidates were required to have Active Public Trust clearance and also needed to sign commitment letters.
  • Given the time constraints, the smaller pool of available candidates, and the requirement that candidates sign commitment letters, this was a daunting task that couldn’t be completed by the client’s internal staff.


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The iQuasar Solution

  • iQuasar engaged by offering our Project Specific Recruitment Process Outsourcing service.
  • We deployed three Recruitment Professionals for two days on this project.
  • Our team utilized a combination of our internal database of hundreds of thousands of candidates, our external licenses with resume portal services like Dice and Monster, and automated capabilities of our internal iQHire© process


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How our solution created value for the Client:

As a result of our engagement, the client realized the following benefits:

  • We recruited candidates who were qualified with all the needed skills, had required clearance levels, and provided signed commitment letters.
  • Our client was able to submit the proposal in time and was able to prevent tens of man-months of work on the proposal to go to waste for want of key personnel resumes.
  • We became the de-facto Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner for our client and work on all of their proposals with short timelines.
  • Engagement with iQuasar has allowed our client to focus on business development and delivery while relying on us for their recruiting work, which has been cost-effective and responsive to tight timelines.
  • Our client has been able to submit multiple proposals where timelines were pretty tight and their win rate has increased substantially.


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