Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Direct Placement Staffing

Jan 18, 2019

The Client

The Client is one of the very few Information Technology solutions providers, capable of offering a true end-to-end solution for the development, deployment, and management of large-scale server and storage infrastructure. The Client has a multi-national footprint of operations.

The Problem/Challenge

  • The Client was having difficulty filling the position of the Vice President of Sales to direct and coordinate the Client’s sales functions. The position was needed to identify and develop new customers for our Client.
  • The position had been open for many months and the hired employee was to work locally in our Client’s Canada-based office.

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The iQuasar Solution

  • iQuasar deployed a dedicated Recruitment Professional to search externally utilizing our traditional licensed and social media search capabilities.
  • We looked for potential fits who had the passion for building sales culture around leading, coaching, and mentoring high-performing sales professionals.
  • We filtered in candidates with outstanding track records built on solid leadership and performance.
  • Our team quickly zeroed in on a polished and senior hands-on Sales Leader with 20 years of experience in leading the business development effort and selling innovative technology and services in the global business market space.
  • Our candidate went through iQuasar interviews and then a rigorous interview process with the client. After multiple interviews, the candidate was offered the role of the Vice President of Sales.

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How our solution created value for the Client:

As a result of our engagement, the client realized the following benefits:

  • The Client was able to hire for a role that had been open for many months which had left the Client’s business development objectives in jeopardy
  • The Vice President of Sales immediately took an active role to develop and execute the sales strategy in line with the Client’s business development goals
  • The new hire made an immediate impact by working in close collaboration with sales leaders from product and service groups of the Client to position the Client’s solution for its end customers.
  • The Client was able to achieve this at an industry-beating cost for hire due to iQuasar’s affordable price for permanent hiring services.


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