iQuasar’s Track Record in Hiring Full-Scope Cleared Professionals

Feb 24, 2024

Are you struggling to recruit the ideal candidates with Full-Scope clearance for your government contract? Is it hindering your progress toward your primary business objectives and employment goals? The good news is that finding cleared professionals is much easier with the right partner by your side.

Full Scope Polygraph clearance is a comprehensive security clearance process that encompasses a thorough background investigation and a polygraph examination. This level of clearance is typically obligatory for individuals employed in sensitive government roles, particularly those related to national security. Due to the intricate and time-intensive nature of acquiring Full-scope clearance, only a select few individuals hold this distinguished level of authorization.

Over the years, iQuasar has successfully hired full-scope polygraph candidates for customers such as the Navy, Army, NGA, and other similar scoped customers. In this blog, we will explore how we’ve successfully assisted federal contractors in hiring candidates with Full Scope clearance for their government contracts and bids.

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How iQuasar Successfully Recruits FS Poly Cleared Professionals

Diverse Range of Sources for Finding FS Poly Candidates

Our Recruiters have access to various job boards that help them overcome the challenge of the limited pool of Full Scope Poly candidates. For Full-Scope positions, the candidate pool is relatively smaller, and finding someone with the Poly clearance is time-consuming. Many candidates also refrain from taking the polygraph because of its prolonged duration. Furthermore, there are strict requirements for maintaining full-scope clearance, which further complicates reaching out to possible candidates. iQuasar constantly seeks out talented individuals, employing a diverse range of sources to discover the ideal match. Our dedicated efforts ensure that we find the perfect candidates for our customers’ teams.

Time-Tested Vetting Process for FS-cleared Candidates

Screening and Vetting qualified Full-Scope polygraph candidates is a critical process for organizations and agencies that require individuals with high levels of trust and security clearance. The process of selecting and evaluating eligible FS Poly applicants at iQuasar begins when a recruiter takes up the job description for a specific role shared by a customer. After analyzing the job description, the recruiter sources candidates from a diverse Full Scope cleared candidate database available at iQuasar. This is followed up by setting up a proper communication channel with the shortlisted candidates confirming their interest, qualifications, clearance status, salary requirements, and skills required for the position. The recruiter also verifies the background information shared by the candidate by reaching out to the references provided during the process. After confirmation, the candidate goes through another round of scrutiny by iQuasar’s experienced recruiting team. After approval, the candidate is then shared with the customer, thus maintaining the highest delivery quality of qualified Full-scope candidates.

Years of Industry Experience in Filling FS Poly Positions

With almost a decade’s experience in sourcing and hiring full-scope polygraph candidates for various customers, our team has gained an unmatched edge over other players in this industry in successfully hiring Full-Scope Polygraph-cleared candidates. We have an in-house team of experienced recruiters who solely focus on delivering the best hiring experience to engaged customers on a variety of full-scope polygraph-cleared technical and non-technical positions. iQuasar has successfully hired full-scope polygraph candidates for customers such as the Navy, Army, NGA, and other similar scoped customers.

Commitment to Transparent Communication with FS Poly Candidates

At iQuasar, we consider it essential to hold transparent communication with the candidates, as it builds a sense of trust. We diligently reach out to qualified candidates, ensuring prompt feedback to heighten their interest in the role and maintaining ongoing communication to sustain their engagement. We share real-time feedback with the candidates and forge an effective connection between government contractors and candidates. Our recruiters ensure transparent communication right from the first screening call till the time a candidate is hired.

Access To Resources and Portals for FS-cleared Candidates

At iQuasar, the professional team of recruiters has over a decade of experience in attracting, engaging, and hiring FS-cleared candidates with the help of a huge internal database with thousands of resumes that have FS clearance for different positions with different agencies. We employ subscription-based portals that are dedicated to obtaining individuals with FS clearance. We also continuously investigate and expand our network of portals to help us draw in the best people with this type of clearance.

Our recruiters have successfully placed hundreds of Fullscope candidates for various government contracts through their experience, resources, and a thorough understanding of the nuances involved in this specialized type of recruitment strategy required for these roles.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can hire the right-fit candidates possessing Full-Scope Polygraph Clearances for you.


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