Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Project Based A

Jan 3, 2019

The Client

Our Client, a 15-year-old mid-size CMMI Level 3 certified provider of technology solutions for the government, provides Systems Engineering, Software Development, and Testing, IT Systems Support, Cybersecurity, Independent Testing and Evaluation, and Program Support to its customers.

The Problem/Challenge

  • The Client had won many task orders under their contract vehicle with the Department of Defense (DoD). The challenge was to hire, within a short span of time, cleared and experienced Database Management Specialists and Senior Systems Engineers for two projects for Marine Corp Enterprise Information Technology Services (MCEITS) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)/DoD contracts.
  • The other challenge was to hire multiple Technical Specialists, Program Analysts, Network engineers, Facilities Program Analysts, Program Analysts, and Project Manager roles at NOAA Weather Radio (NWR).
  • The Client also wanted resumes sourced for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)  and the Virginia Department of Commerce.
  • The Client needed tens of positions filled for another DoD project, comprising of roles like Functional Analysts, Project Managers, Program Managers, and Human Capital Strategists with active Secret or Top-Secret clearance.

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The iQuasar Solution

  • iQuasar started off working on the proposal response to the DoD and other government proposals, as part of our Proposal Development Process Outsourcing (PDPO©) service.
  • Our team used best-in-class recruitment solutions to identify hundreds of candidates with DoD Secret or Top-Secret clearance.
  • Our technical experts interviewed the candidates extensively in order to identify technically the most competent candidates for the projects.
  • iQuasar’s recruitment team, led by an accountable manager, went the extra mile by working long hours to recruit for the projects so that the proposal responses can be submitted on schedule.
  • Our team provided replacement candidates for a position where a selected candidate backed out at the last minute.

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How our solution created value for the Client:

As a result of our engagement, the Client realized the following benefits:

  • The position requirements were captured with a high degree of accuracy as a result of adherence to our internal iQHire© process; this helped reduce potential rework and optimized the time of Client resources
  • The Client didn’t have to hire a team for the opportunity in front of them, reducing their cost of recruitment and significantly improving their time to market
  • iQuasar provided a soup to nuts service, allowing the Client to focus on other aspects of winning business
  • The Client not only won new task orders but also executed ably on existing contracts while building a brand associated with quality and agility
  • iQuasar assisted the Client in winning proposals like Department of State and Office of Naval Research by identifying 50+ key and non-key personnel
  • The Client helped the government in revolutionizing its Navy NGEN program with remarkable success by providing the right fit personnel in time


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