Project Engineer for Industrial Construction

Jun 30, 2022

The Client:

The Client is a general industrial contractor operating solely in the Midwest, performing multi-million-dollar capital projects, in-plant maintenance, turnarounds, and outages in the petrochemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, healthcare, aerospace, and other related industries. Since 1955, the Client has been a leading provider of industrial construction services to some of the world’s largest, most innovative companies and has a company size of 1000+ employees. Some of North America’s most creative, innovative, and progressive companies are their clients.

The Client has been honored with the “Best Places to Work in Indiana 2022” award by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. It has also won the Gold Star Award from the NMAPC for the seventh year.

The Problem/Opportunity:

The Client had multiple open positions that were very challenging to fill, and the positions were demanding in terms of the location and the skills required. The Client attempted to get the positions filled through various vendors but did not receive any response and thus lost trust in the recruitment firms.

The iQuasar Solution:

The iQuasar team connected with the Client to understand the requirements and started examining the specialized skills that are required for various job openings. We explored our network of engineers, internal database, and external portals like Monster, Careerbuilder, etc., to discover the right fit while providing regular updates to the client. Within a week, we connected with a fully vetted candidate having relevant experience and shared the resume with the Client. The candidate was interviewed and onboarded immediately as a Project Engineer.

How our solution created value for the Client:

We have been working with the Client for about two months, and seven of the submitted resumes were interviewed and one placed. The Client hired our candidate for the role of Project Engineer, who proved to be of great value to the Client. As a Project Engineer, the candidate handled all the technical aspects of the Client’s project and managed the project’s budget and planning. Our experienced team filled an urgent requirement; the client was delighted with the experience and recognizes us as a trusted partner.

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