How We Helped A Client Fill 8 Positions for Special Operations Command’s JGASS Contract

Feb 29, 2024

The Client

The client is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in Raleigh, North Carolina, that focuses on big data, full motion video analysis for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), data management, and services for Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) of Actionable Intelligence. They also provide actionable, multi-discipline intelligence derived from multiple ISR platforms to Combatant Commands (COCOMs), United States Special Operations Command (USSCOM), and the National Command Authorities (NCA) across the globe.

The Problem/Opportunity

The client had to fill a Full-Motion Video Analyst position for the Joint Geospatial Analytical Support Services (JGASS) contract and faced several challenges such as:

  • They needed to hire multiple candidates for full-time positions, and these roles had been ongoing since 2008
  • Other recruiting agencies were also involved in filling the position on the same contract, increasing competition
  • The positions were OCONUS deployable, and candidates needed to relocate to the Middle East
  • The candidate pool was very limited, and finding the ideal candidate was very challenging as the position required candidates with diverse skill sets and Top Secret-SCI clearance
  • Qualified candidates who were willing to relocate within the states to North Carolina were not provided any relocation assistance
  • Candidates accepted into the program were required to undergo a three-month training session, and failure to complete it resulted in dismissal/rejection

iQuasar Solution

In response to the challenges faced in recruiting candidates for the Full-Motion Video Analyst position for the Joint Geospatial Analytical Support Services (JGASS) contract, our professional team of recruiters devised a comprehensive strategy to address each obstacle effectively.

Candidate Sourcing and Engagement Strategy
Recognizing the competition from other recruiting agencies on the same contract, our team leveraged our extensive network and advanced recruitment tools to identify and engage with as many potential candidates as possible. This involved utilizing various platforms and channels to reach a diverse pool of qualified individuals. Secondly, understanding the unique nature of the deployable positions in Middle Eastern countries, our team contacted agencies specializing in facilitating deployments and reached out to candidates already stationed in the region.

Transparent Communication and Recruitment
To generate interest among the qualified TS/SCI-cleared individuals in the FMV roles, our team ensured that candidates were provided with clear and detailed information about the positions, including relocation requirements and associated benefits. This transparency helped attract genuinely interested and qualified candidates for the positions. This helped us fill the positions in time and created a successful pipeline of qualified candidates.

Proactive Candidate Referral and Networking Approach
To acknowledge the limited candidate pool and the challenge of finding candidates with diverse skill sets, our team proactively enhanced our referral network and utilized social media and other platforms to seek recommendations from potential candidates. Additionally, we incentivized candidates to provide referrals by highlighting the benefits of working with our client.

Relocation Support and Guidance
To address the issue of candidates not receiving relocation assistance, we provided support and guidance to candidates willing to relocate to North Carolina. We walked the interested candidates through a brochure that we had created consisting of the perks of living in North Carolina and the benefits the state had to offer compared to their current ones.

Candidate Training Program Assessment and Improvement:
We conducted thorough discussions with candidates who faced challenges in successfully completing the three-month training session to ascertain their specific challenges and gather constructive feedback regarding the program. Subsequently, we used this feedback to identify areas of improvement within the program to enhance the success rate of candidates qualifying for the training.

Through our proactive and tailored approach, we overcame the challenges and successfully placed eight (8) Full-Motion Video Analyst candidates within a month, demonstrating our commitment to delivering results for our clients.

How our solution created value for the Client

The iQuasar team successfully handled the client’s urgent demand to fill the Full Motion Video Analyst roles. These roles are extremely complex in the intelligence field. Our recruiters acted quickly and efficiently since they understood the distinctive requirements and time-sensitive nature of these positions. We provided the best-fit candidates for the role, which helped secure a substantial return on investment for our client and established our credibility as a reliable and efficient partner to them.

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