Business Process Design and Engineering

Aug 22, 2019

The Company/Client

The Client is a multi-national telecommunications and mass media company. It is one of the largest broadcasting and entertainment companies in the world and the one of largest Internet Service Provider in the United States.

The Problem/Challenge

The Client wanted to introduce new ‘Metro Ethernet’ and ‘Cellular Backhaul’ products for its enterprise-level business customers. With existing organizational delivery and support structures, systems, and processes in place, the introduction of the new class of products required significant changes to service delivery and service assurance processes and new functionality in the existing Operations Support and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS).

The iQuasar Solution

iQuasar brought several of its consultants to the engagement and worked on the following:

  • Made changes to existing organizational processes and developed new processes and business requirements
  • Developed high-level and mid-level process flows for service assurance, focused initially on problem detection and resolution, and then extending to performance, Quality of Service, Service Level Agreement, and customer experience management
  • Developed business use cases and user stories
  • Participated in Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions, leading to changes in functionality of the OSS/BSS systems
  • Assisted the Client in its management of the Scope, Architecture, Impacts, and Delivery process
  • Supported the development of Methods and Procedures documentation
  • Delivered documentation for process flows, Methods and Procedures, and business use cases using standardized document formats

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How our solution proved beneficial for the Client:

As a result of our engagement, the requirements were captured in time and with accuracy, the processes were updated and the functionality to the existing OSS/BSS was deployed. With new processes and systems in place, sales teams, technicians, engineers, and customer support staff were able to sell, deliver, design, and support the new ‘Metro Ethernet’ and ‘Cellular Backhaul’ services to its enterprise business customers. The product suite contributes substantially to the free cash flow growth of the company.

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