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May 4, 2019

The Client

Our Client has a unique capability in making specialized labels for hazardous material containers and also offers software tools to its supply chain stakeholders. The Client has a wide array of customers in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Petrochemical industries located in the continental USA. It is a major corporation with global buying and selling engagements.

The Problem/Challenge

  • The Client uses a custom-developed ordering and service fulfillment workflow system that had been developed by another vendor. The customers of the Client have to place two separate orders one for the cost of the product and the other for the shipment. Not only was ordering cumbersome for the customers of the Client, but also it was resulting in invoicing errors due to an inconsistent ordering process.
  • The product catalog in the system did not allow for the flexibility of adding the same products for different customers and the system allowed the customers to place orders using either a purchase order or a credit card, but not both.
  • The transactions from different users of the same customer could not be tracked when the users of the customer used the credit card of the customer on file, as the transactions were tied to the credit card and not the individual user.
  • There was a size limitation of 2 MB on files that could be uploaded into the system.


The iQuasar Solution

Our team implemented a multi-tier architecture-based web solution using Codeigniter Framework, PHP, MySQL, and Stripe. The software system had the following elements:

  • Our team designed the software to group the product and shipping pieces of the order into a single transaction.
  • We modified the product catalog component of the software system to allow product serial number for the products, such that common products had the same serial number.
  • Our team integrated Stripe into the software application to provide an option to place the orders using a credit card, a purchase order, or both.
  • iQuasar team upgraded the transaction tracking process by linking the transactions to the individual users at a company, significantly enhancing the reporting and tracking capabilities.
  • Our team modified the uploaded file size limitations


How our solution proved beneficial for the client:

As a result of our engagement, the Client realized the following benefits:

  • Consolidating the transactions has helped the Client in streamlining the invoicing process, reducing invoicing errors, reducing customer calls, and increasing customer satisfaction
  • The time to resolution of customer issues has gone down as a result of improved reporting and tracking of transactions from different users of the same customer of the Client.
  • The Client has grown significantly as a result of an unflinching focus on business growth, by having iQuasar manage the technology that fuels the Client’s business operations.
  • The customers of the Client are able to transact business with ease and efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and growing repeat business.


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