Key Tools for Finding Security Cleared Candidates

Mar 26, 2024

There is a shortage of cleared professionals in the cleared market in the US; a recent survey by Clearance Jobs indicates that 92% of cleared professionals report having a job already, while only 8% of them are unemployed and actively looking for work every day. Finding qualified candidates with a Secret clearance or a rare TS/SCI clearance with a Full Scope Polygraph can be challenging for government contractors. Attracting and hiring such candidates poses challenges due to the complexity of the task, involving various regulations and intense competition.

Cleared recruitment agencies have access to tools designed particularly for government contractors to help them find and hire cleared personnel. They rely on such tools to streamline the hiring process. Moreover, these essential tools guarantee that security protocols are upheld, safeguarding recruitment agencies and candidates. This blog examines some key tools for finding security-cleared candidates.

Key Tools for Finding Security-Cleared Candidates

Cleared Employment Websites

Cleared employment websites are essential for finding security-cleared personnel for sensitive projects requiring security clearance. Employers can use these cleared employment websites to filter their requirements, such as clearance level, education, and experience with various federal agencies. Employers can also post jobs on these cleared employment websites. They provide a trusted platform to ensure that job seekers with the appropriate clearances are matched with relevant job opportunities. Some popular cleared employment websites are:

  • Clearance Jobs: Clearance Jobs is probably the biggest and most well-known database of Cleared Professionals. The website has been connecting professionals possessing security clearances with employers for over twenty years. It has over 1.6 million registered candidates, and every month, over 17000 new candidate profiles are added to ClearanceJobs.
  • Cleared Cleared Jobs stands as the second-largest employment platform tailored for cleared professionals. By connecting professionals holding security clearances with employers in the defense and intelligence sectors, ClearedJobs.Net serves as a pivotal career site and job fair hub.
  • Cleared Careers: Cleared Careers is another tool for delivering relevant employment opportunities to professionals with security clearances. They have been involved in the Intelligence Community for over 25 years providing a platform to help connect qualified candidates with companies and cleared jobs.
  • Cleared Connections: It connects federal government contractors with US security-cleared professionals seeking Cleared positions. These include CONUS and OCONUS locations, with clearance levels ranging from Confidential to TS/SCI Full Scope Polygraph.

General Recruitment Websites

Identifying websites for locating Cleared professionals can be challenging due to the limited disclosure about the clearance of candidates on the resumes. However, Monster, Career Builder, and Dice can be effective tools for Confidential and Secret cleared positions. In contrast, tools like Indeed, and Zip Recruiter can be effective for Top Secret and higher clearance candidates. These job boards offer a variety of features that can assist organizations in finding qualified cleared professionals, streamlining recruitment efforts, and creating a large pool of candidates.

Specialized Sourcing Tools for Cleared Recruitment

Sourcing tools are designed to assist recruiters in identifying qualified, cleared professionals for various job openings by matching candidates to these positions, sifting through resumes, personalizing candidates’ emails and texts, and much more. These tools offer unique features that help recruiters connect with qualified, cleared professionals by proactively searching their profiles with relevant information, including the feature to contact them directly. Sourcing tools such as Loxo Source, Recruiterly, Swordfish,, Hiretual, SignalHire, Loxo Connect, and SeekOut leverage technology to automate the sourcing process and improve the efficiency of recruitment efforts resulting in quick turnaround time to fill the vacant positions.

Internally Developed Candidate Database

“Start to create your database today; it will serve you well over the decades to come.”

Maintaining an internal database of cleared professionals within your company allows you to analyze your whole recruiting process, and all of the connections you have formed and the information you have collected via interviews, phone conversations, and email exchanges can become a game changer in the hiring process for cleared positions. The internal database includes resumes of candidates from various job boards, job fairs, sourcing tools, and referrals from other candidates that the recruiting agency has gathered over the years of being in the business, leading to an increase in efficiency and a hassle-free hiring process. Reaching out to candidates in the internal database acquires no extra charges. Therefore, government contractors must build a company-approved internal database for long-term benefits. In the medium and long run, this internal database is a strategic investment, saving time and money while enhancing the quality of identified resumes over time.

Recruiting agencies or government contractors use a fully automated Applicant Tracking System to keep track of the cleared professionals and the life cycle of the recruitment process.

Social Media Tools

Social media tools are a significant aid for companies hiring for cleared positions as they provide various features like candidate sourcing, networking, and employer branding. There are several social media tools that government agencies/contractors can include in their arsenal to find potential candidates for their open positions. One of the most famous Social media platforms used by government agencies/contractors to hire cleared professionals is LinkedIn. It helps in connecting with various cleared professionals, joining cleared groups, sharing thoughts, and participating in online forums and communities, providing a professional platform for networking within the cleared community. Also, numerous job postings and promotions across various social media platforms attract a broader audience of cleared professionals. LinkedIn has some advanced features like LinkedIn Recruiter where you can filter the search parameters by using Boolean operators, Job Titles, Locations, skills and assessments, and more. LinkedIn offers an option for easily identifying candidates actively looking for jobs as there is a visual indicating the “Open to Work” candidates. Other Social Media Tools such as GitHub, Stackoverflow, Meetup, etc, help organizations promote and share updates, success stories, and company engagement with security-cleared professionals.

The tools discussed above are essential for government contractors seeking to hire cleared professionals, offering a competitive advantage in recruitment. Integrating these tools into your recruitment strategy can optimize the entire hiring process.

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