iQuasar and V-TOP Unite to Facilitate Promising Internship Opportunities

Jun 1, 2023

iQuasar partners with V-TOP to facilitate intern recruitment and placement for Virginia employers

iQuasar, a Northern Virginia-based company with over 18 years of experience, is proud to announce its partnership with the Virginia Talent and Opportunity Partnership (V-TOP) to support the expansion of various paid and credit-bearing internship opportunities across the Commonwealth. As the designated staffing agency for V-TOP’s statewide program, iQuasar is committed to connecting small to midsize employers with talented students, fostering valuable work-based learning experiences.

With a diverse portfolio encompassing recruitment, proposal development, digital marketing, software development, and IT solutions, iQuasar has established itself as a trusted partner for Small and Medium Business (SMB) Government contractors in the technology and Civil Engineering verticals. Our clientele includes prestigious organizations such as The Federal Reserve Board, the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO), Comcast Cable, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Treasury, and the Commonwealths of VA & PA. Moreover, iQuasar is an authorized Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google Partner, reflecting our expertise in Program/Project Management, Application & System Development, Help Desk, Cloud, Business Process Design, and Cybersecurity.

Through our collaboration with V-TOP, iQuasar will provide a comprehensive range of staffing agency services to eligible small to mid-size Virginia employers:

  • Tailored job descriptions: We will assist employers in developing job descriptions that effectively attract top talent, ensuring a strong pool of potential interns.
  • Targeted marketing and advertising: Our agency will leverage our extensive network to market and advertise internship opportunities to colleges, universities, and high schools across Virginia, maximizing exposure and attracting qualified candidates.
  • Advanced candidate sourcing: iQuasar utilizes advanced search methods, artificial intelligence, and queries to identify potential candidates who align with employers’ specific requirements.
  • Streamlined candidate screening: Our expert team will screen candidates to determine the most promising individuals for further recruitment processes, saving employers valuable time and effort.
  • Efficient interview coordination: iQuasar will coordinate final interviews between employers and potential candidates, ensuring a smooth and organized selection process.
  • Seamless onboarding: Once candidates are selected, iQuasar will oversee the onboarding process, facilitating a seamless transition and ensuring a positive experience for both employers and interns.

Head over to the Virginia Talent and Opportunity Partnership Blog, “Staffing Agency Services For The Recruitment And Placement Of Interns,” to know more about the eligibility requirements for employers and students, contact details, and other information.


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