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Jan 12, 2024

Connecting and establishing contact with qualified security-cleared candidates is challenging due to the sensitive and critical nature of their work and the need for discretion at many levels. An important aspect of connecting with these professionals is maintaining a secure and healthy relationship, which can also help pave the way for companies to get in touch with similar candidates. A personal-professional relationship is important as these professionals may not readily be available on job boards or have publicly available contact information.

iQuasar’s goal is to provide and build a bridge between an expansive network of cleared experts and serve customers while safeguarding sensitive details.

The strategies mentioned below which successfully built a great network of cleared candidates:

1. Recruitment Tools

Over the years, the specialist team of recruiters at iQuasar has established and maintained contacts with several key personnel. Our team works closely with professionals from various backgrounds who possess different skill sets, experience, and clearance levels. We utilize LinkedIn’s additional features to the best of our ability and take advantage of all the necessary tools that it offers to establish contact and then use our experience to build that bridge and maintain a formal and trustworthy relationship with these candidates over the period, thus paving a way which is beneficial for both the parties when required.

2. Internal Database

iQuasar’s internal database, home to more than 1.3 million resumes with cleared candidates from all over the United States, provides us an edge over other cleared recruitment service providers. Our database consists of candidates from various IT and other backgrounds with clearances ranging from a basic Public Trust to a Full Scope Polygraph. We can sort thousands of resumes with multiple filters, matching them with the requirements. Not only does it help in keeping track of active candidates in the job market, but also the passive ones.

3. Assorted Cleared Candidates for Key Roles

We have a pipeline of top-notch cleared candidates for key roles in areas such as cybersecurity, program management, engineering, intelligence analysis, or project management. We keep our candidates warm and engaged until we match them with a perfect opportunity. Our candidates have diverse skills, leadership qualities, and expertise necessary for the job.

4. Customized ATS

Our customized Applicant Tracking System keeps track of top-notch candidates throughout recruitment. Creating hotlists and managing the pipeline of these cleared professionals becomes even more efficient with our curated ATS, which helps us keep track of the progress and development of a potential candidate. Our ATS can create templates for job postings with consistent format and structure, thus increasing overall efficiency. It becomes easier to keep track of all the new and updated resumes of candidates on a real-time basis as our Applicant Tracking System is integrated with various job boards, thus making it easier for us to get in touch with them.

iQuasar’s dedication to maintaining and fostering a secure work environment offers our customers unmatched access to a network of top-tier cleared professionals. This network acts as a bridge between companies, government organizations and contractors and highly skilled individuals in the areas of cybersecurity, defense, intelligence, and other sensitive fields. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find cleared candidates for your government contracts and bids.

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