How to Recruit for Competitive Technical Positions?

Oct 30, 2022

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for IT professionals is projected to grow 21% by the year 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.

The need for IT experts has increased dramatically in today’s technologically advanced society. Jobs that were once considered uninteresting or better suited for computer nerds are now more in demand than ever. There is a great demand for positions in Data Architecture, User Experience Design, and Software/Mobile Development but hiring managers find it challenging to fill vacancies due to skill deficits in this sector. This blog discusses the key challenges faced while hiring for technical roles and recommends solutions for businesses to tackle these challenges.

Challenges Faced While Hiring for Technical Roles

  • Passive Candidates
    Hiring an ideal technical candidate is as challenging as getting a purple unicorn. The technical candidates primarily work in closely knit groups and do not actively apply for jobs on different job boards. They become passive candidates and can only be pursued with a good strategy. Since there is a dearth of candidates for technical positions, recruiters must actively reach out to passive candidates and think out of the box when seeking these applicants.
  • Compensation Expectations
    Top talent is becoming more and more concerned with the total compensation package. Technical candidates often anticipate a significant pay increase when switching jobs to join a new organization. Although the market provides excellent compensation for technical jobs, candidates with specialized and advanced skills have the advantage in compensation negotiations and demand higher salaries. The technical candidates, because of their niche skills like Java, C#, Angular, Cybersecurity, etc., are highly salary-sensitive, making it challenging for the recruiters to attract them.
  • Candidate Predictability
    Technical candidates are high in demand and get multiple offers simultaneously, and may use one offer as leverage to negotiate a better deal in another opportunity. This may keep the recruiters waiting and create friction in the recruitment process. Although the hiring managers, while identifying the right fit, would try to get the candidates excited about working for the company, the unpredictable behavior of the candidate is a challenge.

Effective Solutions for Recruiters

  • Intentional Outreach to Passive Candidates
    Recruiters must make an intentional effort to reach out to passive candidates. A good applicant tracking system (ATS) software is like a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps a recruiter keep track of interactions, add follow up contact reminders, etc. Keeping passive candidates engaged can result in a great hire, as the competition is not even aware of the candidate.
  • Include Subject Matter Experts in the Recruiting Process
    Subject knowledge is essential when evaluating candidates for technical roles or the work results in lower standards. Ensure Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are in the interview panel to evaluate the candidates’ technical skills. It reduces the time to assess the candidate and increases the recruiting quality. In addition, it removes uncertainty in the minds of potential hires about the technical expertise in your company. They talk at a level where they feel understood and feel comfortable about their ability to grow their skills within the organization.
  • Value the References
    As the technical community is closely knit, it increases the chances of finding good candidates through references in these domains. References help recruiters gather information about the candidates and strengthen confidence in the hiring decision. They must be encouraged to dig deep into their referral networks and help get top-notch technical talent on board.
  • Work Culture and Benefits
    Technology workplaces are evolving from location-centric to relationship-oriented models. Workspaces should be modified to enhance collaboration, productivity, and co-creation. When looking for a tech job, many candidates consider the company culture as an essential factor; some even decide whether to accept or reject a job offer based on this criterion. The organization should encourage better benefits packages and flexibility of work models to improve work culture.

Businesses find it challenging to find skilled technical candidates due to a dearth of applicants with the necessary soft skills, experience, and formal education. iQuasar has been in the recruiting business for around a decade. The availability of an extensive database of trained professionals and access to various job boards gives us an edge in this field. iQuasar has a diverse team of professionals specialized in locating, screening, vetting, and recruiting competitive technical professionals who can meet your demands.

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