6 Top Strategies for Sourcing Cleared Key Personnel for RFPs and Government Contracts

Nov 3, 2023

Sourcing cleared key personnel for proposals can be a challenging process that requires an in-depth strategy to discover suitable candidates. You need to build a network of candidates and maintain that network over time. Moreover, you should have a thorough understanding of RFPs and government contracting laws and have the capacity to carefully evaluate, comprehend, and convert the terms of these documents into workable plans that can be successfully carried out. Finding key personnel for proposal roles also requires a good understanding of the hiring process, including best practices for applicant selection, interviewing, and screening. This requires attention to detail, a wide range of skills and knowledge, as well as the ability to identify important skills for success in proposal roles.

In this blog, we delve into some of the top strategies for finding cleared Key Personnel for RFPs and government contracts.

Effective Strategies for Sourcing Cleared Key Personnel for RFPs and Government Contracts

Carefully Identifying the Key Personnel:

Start by carefully going over the Request for Proposal (RFP) or contract documents to determine the precise key personnel roles needed for each government contract and make sure that people appointed to these positions have the training, experience, and security clearances needed to comply with the contract’s requirements. Finding cleared key personnel might be a difficult task, but it’s essential for effectively submitting bids and carrying out government contracts involving sensitive data.

Operating with minimal job specifications on RFP:

You need to thoroughly understand the basic requirements mentioned in the RFP and try to identify the skills required for the job based on the basic roles and responsibilities provided in the RFP. The clearance and experience requirements for the key personnel roles can also help us get insights into salary expectations.

Build a Talent Pipeline:

Establish connections with professionals in the field, such as contractors, former government officials, and government contracting experts. Maintain a database or talent pool where you can keep records of potential individuals, such as their qualifications, skills, and experience. To constantly attract and retain key personnel, it is imperative to actively engage with prospective candidates, foster relationships, and stay updated on industry trends. This proactive approach ensures a steady influx of talent and enhances overall organizational success.

Overcoming Location Challenges:

You can address the location issues by being flexible, creative, and willing to adjust to the project’s particular requirements. Take into account broadening the scope of your search. In particular, if working remotely is permitted by the contract, look for candidates who are open to remote work, regardless of their current location.

Using Job Portals:

When seeking cleared candidates who could be the potential key personnel for a new government contract, we can always rely on our cleared network of professionals and a number of external job portals which are effective platforms for finding qualified candidates as they allow us to engage with qualified candidates via groups and various postings.

Partnering with Cleared Recruitment Firms:

Partnering with specialized agencies like iQuasar is an excellent solution to tackle these challenges. These agencies excel in identifying highly qualified candidates with security clearances. Their extensive industrial-strength tools and deep industry knowledge to meet your recruitment requirements effectively are unbeatable. They have a well-defined strategy and proven track record of providing solutions to challenges specific to cleared recruitment and government contracts.

How iQuasar Can Help

The dedicated recruitment team at iQuasar, with over two decades of experience in cleared recruitment, provides businesses that have recently won a government contract and are actively seeking key personnel with tailored sourcing/recruiting solutions. Collaborating with us allows businesses to work with our specialist recruitment team, who are experienced in identifying viable candidates within the stipulated time-frames, and utilize our various job boards and a database of candidates with over a million resumes and a proven track record of success. Contact us today to learn more!

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