9 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Great Website

Jan 15, 2021

9 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Great Website

1. Builds Credibility

2. Showcase your products and services

3. Attract new customers through Google

4. Display best reviews and testimonials prominently

5. Embed Google Maps

6. Establishes your place in the industry

7. Compete With Large Brands

8. Gain Competitive Advantage

9. A website is easier to keep up to date

As a business owner, you are constantly thinking about optimizing business expenses, so a website upgrade often feels like a luxury you can’t afford. The right way to think about this is that it is not an expense but an investment.

The easiest way to set yourself apart and attract more business is through an aesthetic and effective business website.

A professional website is an essential investment and a great way to show pride in your products and services. ; It is also more affordable than you may assume it is.

9 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Great Website

If you still aren’t sure that a website is right for your business, consider these nine reasons why you need a small business website:

1. Builds Credibility

A small business website makes the brand look real, serious, and trustworthy. Customers can’t find you without it, let alone learn to trust you.

One of the quickest ways to lose credibility as a business is not to show up in the search engines (or on the Internet at all). It makes you look old fashioned, out of touch, and untrustworthy to potential customers wanting to buy products and services that you sell.

No matter how good you’re at word-of-mouth marketing, you could still be losing out on a lot of leads. Happy clients are swift to share what they feel about your business, but what about their references who have not yet encountered your services? Consumers are trying to look for you over the internet. And if they turn up empty-handed or aren’t impressed by your website, you’re going to lose the opening for brand-new buyers.

Websites help corporations sound more legitimate as well. Visitors will check you out and get a feel of the kind of organization you are operating. Plus, you can add a number of on-site components that make your brand look even more trustworthy.

A website makes the company more trustworthy than businesses that just have social media accounts, 84 percent of today’s customers say. Your website is also the best place to demonstrate any technical certifications or achievements that your company has.

2. Showcase your products and services

By showcasing high-quality pictures of your products, services, or even your work setting and team members on your website, you will show targeted customers what they’ll get when they engage with you. Another common technique is to use a professional website template, along with the featured photos, to help visitors draw an association between your business and the aesthetic media you showcase.

Adding pertinent information about your goods and services ensures that you draw the right consumers to you. As an example, if you are in the information technology business, you might want to showcase all your capabilities, affiliations, and awards on your website, to make your clients realize what they will get by engaging with you.

3. Attract new customers through Google

Every business faces customer churn and one of the easiest ways to make up for lost customers is to attract new ones by making yourself available on Search Engines like Google and Bing.

A well-optimized website will help the company rank higher in search results when potential buyers are searching for products and services you sell. . There are many free search engine optimization (SEO) resources that, without any previous experience, make it easy to customize your website for higher search engine ranking.

4. Display best reviews and testimonials prominently

A great way to create social evidence is to feature your best ratings and/or testimonials prominently on your website. This could come in the form of personal client testimonials, such as on the website of mHelpDesk;

Why Your Business Needs a Great Website | iquasar llc

If your company has appeared in newspaper articles or famous local websites, as iQuasar has done below, you can also feature them as well:

Showcasing the best reviews on your website also serves the secondary purpose of creating a permanent archive of these, in case if third-party review sites close at some point in the future, you’ll still have access to your best reviews.


5. Embed Google Maps

A website lets you explicitly insert maps into your content. Some firms, including iQuasar, have a map directly embedded on the website:

Why Your Business Needs a Great Website

An embedded map makes locating your company simple for people and they can navigate to your physical location without any hassle.

6. Establishes your place in the industry

If the competitors aren’t online yet, they’re definitely going to be soon. By first creating a high-quality website, you get a first-mover advantage.

You have a different kind of chance once your rivals are online: you will create a website that is entirely different from the pages of your competitors, telling future clients what makes your business stand out.

7. Compete With Large Brands

One myth about websites is that they are only for companies with large domestic or global audiences. Websites are useful for small companies as such web presence levels the playing field for them.

They provide local firms with a fantastic opportunity to communicate with local clients. In reality, an estimated 70 percent of U.S. households now use the internet for goods and services while shopping locally.

Search engines favor local searches and also rank results by location, which is an asset for local companies, especially the small ones.

For a local quest, Google won’t give you a name-brand result in New York if you’re searching for “shoe stores near me” (unless of course, you live in New York). A local search can be used to show you a list of nearby shoe shops.

What is local search?

Local search refers to variables from Google’s search algorithm that are designed to show a user neighboring information. When producing outcomes, it considers importance, scope, and visibility.

This approach makes small businesses stand out as not only will a local search for “shoe stores” show big, domestic brands; it will also show local businesses near the searcher.

Get your website to show up in local search

To help your small business appear in local searches, there are several steps to take, including:

  • Build a page and link your website to Google My Business.
  • Add your company and add your website to the industry directories.
  • Ensure that your Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) is consistent on all your presence over the internet.
  • Connect your company address to the footer of your website.

An online presence has huge advantages, particularly for small companies that deal locally. You can get started with an effective website that attracts clients, no matter where you are based.

8. Gain Competitive Advantage

The previously stated Verisign survey indicates that, before making a purchase, 93 percent of U.S. buyers use the Internet for research. Consumers want to be convinced about what they buy and from whom they buy, before making their purchasing decisions. You risk losing clients without a website to businesses already taking advantage of the online marketplace. If you are in direct competition with another business that has a website, your competitor has a significant advantage, particularly if their website is efficiently marketed. A website can really help level the field of play.

9. A website is easier to keep up to date

Years ago, if you tried to start a website, you might have some awful feelings about that experience. It probably took a developer months to build, and then you were unable to make any changes yourself. It would take forever for simple things like updating store hours, so your data was outdated.

It couldn’t be more different today. But with WordPress-based websites, all you need to do is log in to your website and click on the part you want to change. You’ll be able to edit text, add photos, or change your design components without any technical knowledge.

Does your business need a website if you’re on social media?

Perhaps you even have a profile on Social Media with some pretty positive feedback. Many business owners feel that a social media presence is sufficient for their organization.

But this approach has its issues. You become reliant on the social media platform. Algorithms and rules change, and what works today will not work a few weeks from now (as many businesses who depended on social media have recently learned).

Trends change, too. If your clients are on Facebook now, tomorrow they may be on a different platform. Your website serves as an anchor as individuals move from one platform to another. They will still find your website in the same location, open to all, no matter what social media app customers choose.

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iQuasar’s Web Presence as a Service (WPaaS) helps small businesses to build a professional presence on the web. We don’t only develop your website but also protect and maintain your web presence to help you in attracting new customers and grow revenue through your web presence. We help your small business to be current with the online marketing trends and continuously showcase your business’ services and products.

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