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The U.S. Telecommunication industry has been going through rapid digital transformation and robotic process automation. Implementation of new software automation tools and deployment of new services to an ever-changing customer base pose human resources challenges. In addition, with the government establishing infrastructure for faster methods of communication, businesses will need to fill the talent gap in tight time frames and develop compelling proposals to win Government contracts.

iQuasar uses its 15+ years of experience to provide the right talent that fits into various roles and write compelling proposals for clients. We have placed skilled candidates in companies like Comcast, T Mobile, AT&T, Frontier Communications and responded to proposals released by agencies such as NASA, U.S. Department of Energy(DOE), U.S. Patent and Trademark office(USPTO), U.S. Air Force(USAF).

Here Are Some Of The Proposals Submitted And Positions Filled

High Power Cell Design

US ACE ESTCP Improved Energy Resilience


USAF Alaska Clear AFB Energy Microgrid

Functional Architect Salesforce

C++ developer

Solution designers

BSS/ OSS Solution architect


Become one of our growing number of delighted customers

Become One Of Our Growing Number Of Delighted Customers

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