Technical Positions for a Telecom Client

Apr 4, 2023

The Client

The Client provides market-leading intelligent automation software and specialized professional services to help telecommunications companies modernize IT and network operations. Driven by policy and AI-based insights, the Client delivers closed-loop automation tools to align IT and networking processes to facilitate digital transformation, accelerate time-to-revenue, reduce costs, and deliver superior customer experience.

The Problem/Opportunity

The Client had multiple open positions: Operations Support System (OSS) Architect, Route Optimization Analysis (ROA) Architect, and Unified Assurance and Analytics (UAA) Architect. The Client faced challenges in filling these positions due to two major reasons:

  • The positions required candidates with niche skills and specialized expertise in platforms such as Amdocs ARM (Cramer), Ericsson Granite, Netcracker, Oracle MetaSolv
  • The positions required candidates with experience working with leading telecom companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

The iQuasar Solution

iQuasar’s recruitment team assessed the Client’s requirements and identified their challenges in finding suitable candidates. To address these challenges, the team utilized various resources such as job boards, networking tools, and an internal database developed over the years containing millions of resumes. In addition, the team tapped into their vast industry connections to obtain referrals, which proved crucial in identifying and recruiting the most qualified candidates for the job.

How our Solution Created Value for the Client:

Our team of recruiters successfully placed 10 candidates in just 14 days, resulting in a significant reduction in the Client’s hiring costs, which could have otherwise hindered their business growth. Additionally, our efforts played a pivotal role in enhancing the Client’s reputation and brand recognition within the telecom industry. This, in turn, helped the Client secure future contracts both within the United States and internationally.

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