Recruiting Thingworx and Windchill Candidates for the Department of Defense

Mar 23, 2023

The Client

The client is a small business with over ten years of experience specializing in Digital Product Lifecycle Management Solutions, Model Based Systems Engineering, Custom Software Development, Cloud Services, Data Engineering, and Cybersecurity Advisory Services, catering to a diverse range of customers from both the federal and commercial sectors.

The Problem/Opportunity

For two years, the client had multiple positions, including Thingworx Developer and Windchill Developer, that posed a real challenge to fill. Finding the right person for the job wasn’t easy, and the following factors made it difficult for the client to fill their open positions:

  1. The available pool of candidates in the market for open positions was limited, making it challenging to find the suitable candidates
  2. The positions required candidates to possess niche skills
  3. Thingworx was a newer framework, resulting in an even smaller pool of candidates

The iQuasar Solution

Our recruiters have over 18+ years of experience filling challenging positions. Our team utilized proprietary job portals, In-Mails, and X-ray searches on network platforms. Furthermore, our team has deep industry connections and an internally harvested set of candidates to tap into. Access to the latest information on recruitment trends and market insights helped our team with candidate referrals and incorporate disparate recruitment strategies suited to this search.

How our Solution Created Value

The unfilled positions kept the client from generating revenue. We helped the client secure five placements for these positions, with a turnaround time of one month for the first placement. Our innovative solution not only strengthened the client’s brand but also significantly reduced hiring costs, resulting in higher profits and long-term capacity to generate high profitability.

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