The Benefits of Travel Medical Staffing

Apr 2, 2024

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the US is faced with a persistent problem of shortage of nurses which is expected to continue through 2030. To make up for this shortage, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that more than 275,000 additional nurses are needed from 2020 to 2030. As such there is an increased need for travel medical staff to help facilities meet staffing needs during shortages, emergencies, surges in patient census, and a variety of other situations. They take over for other medical staff who may be temporarily absent for a certain period due to some reason. The main purpose of travel medical staff is to fill such vacancies whenever they arise at various facilities throughout the country.

Due to a shortage of healthcare professionals across the US, the concept of Travel Medical Staff has gained popularity. These professionals can swiftly step in to address staffing shortages at healthcare facilities and relocate as required. In this blog, we look at the benefits of travel medical staffing for healthcare facilities.
Benefits of Travel Medical Staffing

There is an unprecedented strain on hospitals and their staff because of the current healthcare crisis. With the influx of patients many hospitals and healthcare facilities are finding it difficult to meet their demands. In the wake of this gap between demand and supply, hiring travel medical staff can help ease this burden. In this blog, we aim to highlight 5 main reasons behind the surge in this profession.

Overcome staffing crisis: Since there is a shortage of healthcare professionals throughout the US, finding the staff needed to deliver essential care can be challenging. Hiring travel medical staff helps healthcare facilities overcome these challenges and ensure that patients always have quality healthcare at their disposal. It also helps facilities fill in the gaps caused by absenteeism or turnover with skilled healthcare professionals, ensuring that the facility remains ready to deal with any surges and is able to deliver effectively in case of a sudden influx of patients.

Filling high-skilled roles: Sometimes, healthcare facilities may find it challenging to find someone with the right skills and experience to fill a position, especially when there is a critical need. Travel Medical Staff allows these facilities to expand their base of applicants, thus increasing their chances of reaching a larger talent pool and filling the position quickly.

Reducing turnover: The costs that are incurred in replacing medical staff are massive, and these include payment for unused vacation, advertising and recruitment costs, and interviewing, and onboarding costs. Thus, it makes more sense financially to hire travel medical staff. When the need first arises to expand staffing, hiring a travel medical staff member is often a recommended solution until a more permanent employee is found. While the rates may be slightly more expensive, hospitals can still spend significantly less in the long run.

Controlling workforce costs: Travel medical staff usually come with their accommodation and benefits, easing the financial strain on healthcare institutions. Hospitals aiming to maintain budget efficiency can forego health benefit costs by recruiting travel nurses.

Reduced burnout among permanent staff: According to research, hospitals spend millions of dollars each year in replacing nurses each year. It is no secret that working in the healthcare industry is extremely stressful and demanding. Travel medical staff provides relief to a healthcare facility’s permanent staff, preventing burnout and reducing the risk of medical errors associated with overworked healthcare professionals. This creates a healthier and more sustainable work environment.

How iQuasar can help

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the strategic advantages of hiring travel medical staff are clear. From providing access to a larger pool of talent to reducing staff burnout and filling high-skilled roles, travel medical staff can play a vital role in enhancing the resilience and effectiveness of healthcare organizations.

At iQuasar, the collaborative efforts of recruiters result in a more targeted and efficient talent outreach, ultimately contributing in providing top-quality talent to different healthcare facilities. By recognizing and leveraging the benefits of working with iQuasar, healthcare facilities can position themselves to navigate the complexities of finding qualified travel nurses and other medical staff. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare staffing solutions.

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