GSA BIC MAC – Scope And Domain/Reserve Structure

Oct 21, 2021

GSA BIC MAC is expected to replace GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) contract vehicle. While this new IDIQ has been referred to as Services MAC, BIC MAC, BIG MAC, Next Generation Services IDIQ, and OASIS 2, GSA has yet to decide on the official contract name, and the funding information is currently unavailable.

What we know about GSA BIC MAC’s scope so far

As per the information provided by GSA so far, the proposed initial scope of the contract vehicle is based on a domain structure aligned to services subcategories. There are fourteen such subcategories, these include:

GSA BIC MAC Scope and Domain

What we know about GSA BIC MAC’s structure so far

GSA’s intent is for the BIC MAC contract to be one contract organized by domains. A domain represents a common scope, a grouping of related functional areas that encompass multiple NAICS codes. Domains are designed to align order requirements to qualified industry partners. A company would qualify for the domain as a whole and therefore qualify for all of the NAICS codes aligned to that domain. Domains do not have a primary NAICS code, instead, the ordering contracting officer would select any NAICS code within the domain based on the principal purpose of their requirement. Small businesses will be eligible for small/socio-economic set-asides in any NAICS in a Domain where they qualify as small, and these domains will have large and small businesses together. Each Domain will have its own qualification standards and Reserves targets (for small businesses), which will be based on industry profile for a given scope area, and will reflect a minimum, not an upper limit.

Another important consideration is that a NAICS code can appear in multiple domains, as shown in the example. This structure will allow a company to clearly and appropriately match its capabilities to a domain or multiple domains. Additionally, it will allow agency buyers to identify the appropriate domains and industry partners that perform the type of work they’re looking for no matter which NAICS defines the principle purpose of work.

At this time, GSA is anticipating 9 to 15 domains in the initial release of the contract. The domains will follow a category management structure with some specialized domains based on agency needs and where category management has gaps. Which domains will be in the rollout of the contract are to be determined. Currently, assumed domains are as follows:

  • General domains: Technical and Engineering, Research and Development, Management and Advisory Services, Business Administration, Financial Services, Environmental Services, Marketing and PR, Logistics, Facilities, Human Services (HR, Legal, and Social Services)
  • Specialized domains Identified to date: Base Operation Support Services, Counterintelligence, C4ISR, Major Professional Services Acquisitions (large dollar value comprehensive professional services), OCONUS


GSA is looking to create the ability to create more domains as the contract progresses in case there are areas of scope that would merit additional breakouts. This would be determined based on overall need from customer agencies, the representation of the industry, and other factors.

What we know about the ordering process so far:

As GSA BIC MAS has already created a lot of buzz in the market, here are some of the most talked-about features it entails:

  • GSA BIC MAC is aimed to structure a streamlined contract environment for both small and other than small businesses
  • Ensuring domain qualifications with NAICS-based fair opportunity
  • Perpetual open solicitations with enhanced competition at the task order level
  • No ceiling & no cap on awards with scope for extended Period of Performance (award terms possible)
  • Last, but not least, realizing improved systems and tools


GSA BIC MAC will have the following efficiencies: Some system efficiencies that are expected to be a part of GSA BIC MAC are automated RFIs, proposals, and profile management, planned features that empower contractors to identify requirements matched to their company’s capabilities, easily respond to RFIs and update qualifications as you onboard & grow. As far as contract structure is concerned, there will be one contract with Domains containing fair opportunity groups. Industry qualifies for the entire Domain, and a contractor can be small & other than small within a Domain. The set-aside eligibility by order NAICS. It is expected to be similar to the MAS ordering environment.

An overview of GSA BIC MAC’s timeline

In FY21, the GSA has conducted a lot of Market Research for BIC MAC. The Draft RFP is expected to be released in FY22 (GSA anticipates releasing a draft RFP, which will include evaluation criteria, in October 2021). The Final RFP is expected to be released in FY23, and finally, the awards are expected to begin between FY23 and FY24. The new IDIQ is therefore expected to be fully in place well before the OASIS U, OASIS SB & OASIS 8(a) ordering periods end (the final RFP is anticipated to be released in June 2022 (Deltek Estimate), pursuant to the feedback received by the agency on the Draft RFP). At the moment, BIC MAC is still evolving and GSA is taking in feedback.

GSA has shared surveys, held focus groups, and had briefings with leadership at key customer agencies to discuss the acquisition strategy concepts for New Services IDIQ. GSA has taken inputs from 12 agencies, including Contracting Officers, Program Managers, Small Business Offices, Policy, and Leadership. GSA BIC MAC is still evolving. All insights mentioned in this article are therefore preliminary and in constant flux. The intent of the examples and walk-through is to help aid comprehension, and they do not represent any final concepts. These ideas are being actively discussed with industry, customer agencies, and GSA’s acquisition policy office to determine viability and interest.

Questions that remain: What rules GSA BIC MAC will have in place for teaming agreements, remains a mystery. Teaming Arrangements must be considered per 15 USC644(q)(1) – even at the IDIQ level GSA will still need to determine the best strategy for considering experience as a team Semi-final concepts will not be shared until after the second Request for Information. Some of the strategies that the GSA is considering are:

  • Restrict business entities from participating in multiple teams in a single domain
  • Require teams to have worked together in the past for the experience to be eligible
  • Require a work share proportional to the historical relationship of the team
  • Restrict the number of companies that can be on a team
  • Limit project experience to once per Domain (Teams can’t share)
  • What is in GSA BIC MAC for you?


While GSA explores the utilization of Small Business Reserves, one of the BIC MAC’s priority goals is to reduce contract duplication, which will prove beneficial to the Small Business contractors. Moreover, considering that OASIS accounted for more than $35 billion in sales, the prospects look promising for the new MAC as well.

BIC MAC is a golden opportunity to work with the GSA, make a mark in the government marketplace, and take your business to the next level. Our teams are closely monitoring contract vehicles such as GSA BIC MAC and tracking all their latest developments.

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