Budgetary Constraints in Cleared Recruitment – Challenges and Solutions

Jun 12, 2023

How can we identify qualified, cleared candidates while working with a limited budget for important positions?

Every day, Small and Medium Business (SMB) government contractors ask themselves this question and this blog will help answer many of your questions. Recruiting poses a dilemma: attracting cleared applicants, who have already gained an advantage due to their clearances, is ideal; however, budgetary considerations can often hinder this plan. In any employment process, budget considerations are of utmost importance, and they can cause you to lose a lot of potential employees who may be interested in the positions. Since government agencies directly fund federal positions, they tend to be budget-sensitive. In this blog, we will look at the challenges and solutions involved.

Challenges Faced in Cleared Recruitment With a Limited Budget

  • Insufficient Government Budget Allocated for Certain Positions
    Under budgetary constraints, technical positions, such as engineers, IT Support, or architects with clearances, become the most difficult to fill. Due to the multiple levels of stakeholders involved, subcontractors do not have enough wage margins compared to prime contractors, which causes a delay in hiring. This can be challenging from a cleared recruitment perspective.
  • Refusal from the Candidates
    If you’re recruiting with financial constraints, failing to offer a competitive salary to a cleared candidate may result in losing the best talent. To fill such positions, you can then find yourself making concessions on specific qualifications and skill sets. Achieving balance in such situations can be quite challenging, especially given the nature of the trade-offs involved.
  • Lack of Proper Relocation Assistance
    Even if a candidate is open to relocating, hiring can be challenging if a salary constraint exists. Even if the pay falls within the candidate’s range of interest, they may decline the offer if compensation is insufficient to cover the cost of relocation. Closing a candidate in such scenarios can prove to be challenging.
  • Time Constraints
    Finding the ideal candidate within the designated salary range can be time-consuming, as most potential hires are typically unenthusiastic about working for a lower wage. Moreover, there are times when a candidate rejects a job offer, despite initially agreeing to a set compensation package, as they may find that other employers offer better wages. This can be a challenge and result in a lot of wasted effort.
  • Cost of Living
    Candidates’ income expectations vary depending on location and inflation. Most agree on compensation when it takes into account their cost of living. For instance, California and Hawaii candidates expect higher pay than their Texas counterparts, as the cost of living in those states is significantly higher. Balancing these concerns when you are operating under a narrow budget can be a daunting task.

How to Overcome these Challenges?

  • Employee Referral Programs
    References from current or former employees can be a significant plus when operating on a tight budget. These individuals can promote the intangible benefits of your company. Another choice is to get in touch with former colleagues who departed on good terms and might be open to returning to your employment.
  • Wage Surveys
    To accurately understand what potential candidates are seeking, you should research the salaries that competitors offer. After engaging in direct conversation with candidates regarding their salaries, make offers that align with their expectations. Knowledge of average pay can help since it enables you to approach candidates accordingly.
  • Effective Use of Technology
    Staying competitive in recruitment requires keeping pace with multiple employment platforms. Platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, and others offer opportunities to proactively search for candidates and continuously post job openings. You can also change your search parameters to locate the best-fit applicants. Candidates can be actively contacted and informed of the status of the position. Other than that, several other portals use Artificial Intelligence (AI) features based on the like and type of candidates you are looking for to get better search results and recommendations. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Benefits Packages
    Providing detailed information about benefits packages to the candidate is a best practice for recruiting a qualified candidate on a tight budget. Even with low compensation, you should actively share the benefits package with the candidate to interest them in the position. While candidates might be willing to work for less pay, their flexibility may not extend to other benefits. As a recruiter, it’s important to utilize the end client’s name in branding and emphasize their positive attributes, as this can positively impact the way candidates perceive the opportunity.
  • Promotions and Reassignments
    Attracting new talent can prove challenging when compensation packages fall short. One solution is to assign the role to a previous incumbent or promote a current employee with suitable skills. Either option can ensure that a position is filled without compromising on quality or talent.
  • Brainstorming
    It is important to hold regular brainstorming sessions to grasp complex issues and involve relevant stakeholders, ultimately enabling effective market targeting. To achieve the required results, your recruitment team can act on their ideas both collaboratively and individually.

iQuasar leverages its cleared recruitment expertise in hiring candidates for budget-sensitive positions. By reaching out to applicants open to working in our intended salary range or willing to relocate, our recruiters ensure smoother hiring and prioritize customer requirements. Our team excels at negotiating and filling positions with tight budgets with qualified candidates. Don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us today! Let’s explore how our cleared recruitment services can help your business find and attract top candidates.


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