Top 6 Trends in the Cleared Recruitment Industry

Jun 10, 2022

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or some form of technology for Human Resources has risen to 88% of companies using it globally and 83% of companies using it in the US. More than 40% of US employers currently use chatbots to engage with candidates during recruitment, and 39% use them for employee self-service. Recruitment in the Cleared space has been in lock step with these trends.

In recent years, the Cleared recruitment sector has undergone considerable transformations. Due to new tools and technologies, the Cleared recruitment market is rapidly changing and evolving to be more efficient, thereby offering superior outcomes. These trends have enabled hiring managers to make data-driven strategies and decisions and attract top Cleared professionals quickly.

This blog lists six recent trends that are shaping recruitment for positions that need clearance or make the hiring process efficient.

Significant Trends in the Cleared Recruitment Industry

From the pandemic to technological breakthroughs, there have been multiple reasons for the recruitment industry to undergo many changes in recent years. Here are the six major trends transforming the Cleared recruitment industry:

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital role in intelligent activities such as resume screening for jobs requiring niche skills, qualifications, and certifications. It also helps recruiters review resumes from different job boards and helps minimize biases in identifying, selecting, and hiring the right talent. Nowadays, AI plays a significant role in the background screening of Cleared candidates.

Predictive Analysis:

Predictive analysis is the most trending tool that has helped the Cleared recruiters to project future trends. Using historical data, predictions can be made about the timeline to fill a position, estimating Cleared candidate’s performance and retention of a candidate, thus improving the hiring quality. Predictive analysis plays a vital role in keeping track of employees to determine candidates with the skills necessary to become the organization’s top-notch talents.

Remote Recruiting:

Since the inception of the pandemic, remote recruiting has revolutionized the work culture, with the Cleared recruitment industry embracing the change as well. It has widened the access to a Cleared talent pool irrespective of the geographical locations and increased candidate retention with greater productivity. The Cleared recruitment industry also follows a hybrid model that provides employees with a flexible environment that incorporates onsite and remote work.

Social Media Recruiting:

Using social media platforms is one of the best methods of finding a potential candidate. Not only LinkedIn but Facebook and Twitter are also being utilized extensively. The increased usage of these platforms has helped assess the background of a Cleared candidate. It helps screen a candidate better and gives access to their network, thus gaining referrals. Mobile recruitment is also an addition to social media channels that provide a user-friendly experience to the candidates searching and applying for jobs.

Virtual Job Fairs for Cleared Personnel:

Virtual events are organized to connect with the candidates, helping market the Cleared jobs to many Cleared professionals. The virtual job fairs bring the Federal agencies, Government contractors, and the Cleared candidates together under a single platform. These job fairs and virtual events are also conducted to recruit military-experienced job seekers through chat and video conferencing with diverse skill sets and experience.

Customized Job Boards and Postings to Attract the Right Talent:

Customized Job boards are the new way to bring Cleared candidates and employers to one place. These job boards provide features that help meet the needs and specifications based on the niche skills required to perform a job. These customized job boards have an add-on feature to display job-related information such as pay rate, work authorization status, specific skills required, etc.

Why Embrace These Trends?

With each passing day, recruiting trends are changing. According to research, 90% of the current job market is candidate-driven. Recruiters need to adapt to these changes to survive and grow in the dynamic environment. Holding on to outdated procedures and techniques will not assist in hiring skilled candidates or meet the numbers with the ever-changing improvements in technology. Adapting to these new changes and incorporating the latest trends will significantly improve productivity and open up new possibilities for the recruiters. The only key to success is to adapt to these new trends and get a perfect fit. iQuasar strives to be a flexible organization, researching recent trends and adapting the best practices. Our research and innovation team keeps track of these upcoming trends that help us make our process more efficient and whirl-free.

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