Why us?

We are a class apart from others when it comes to meet the needs of the customer. There are many companies that have similar products and services as ours. You won’t know the difference until you work with us.

We are Different
Competence Based on Experience
Competence Based on Experience
Customer-Centric and Process Driven
Customer-Centric and Process Driven
Value Creation
Value Creation
  • We are different

    • Our team has a strong sense of purpose and focuses on the creation of shared value
    • We are values-driven and have built a culture on a bedrock of integrity
    • We become a trusted partner for the customer
    • We consult with our customers the way we would like to be consulted and build relationships that go beyond simple transactions

  • Customer Centric and Process Driven

    • We shape our services and products to fit the needs of our customers
    • We adapt our processes to meet the needs of the customer and not the other way round
    • We are disciplined about execution and development of processes
    • We have the ability to mobilize skilled resources at short notice

  • Competence Based on Experience

    • We have worked on millions of candidate profiles for our consulting engagements as part of our recruitment practice
    • We have more than a decade of experience building custom software and deploying cloud-based solutions
    • We have nurtured our business process outsourcing and proposal development practices over many years and have honed in the outsourcing engagement model
    • We have assembled competent and experienced people for our Managed IT services
    • We have an excellent track record of completing projects on time, within budget, and with the expected quality

  • Value Creation

    • Our business model allows us to have lower costs while maintaining quality. As a result we can offer more value to our customers
    • We extensively use tools to lower cost of delivery
    • We create value in other intangible ways by thinking from the perspective of our customers and guiding their strategy

Community Service
Community Service is one of our core values. We believe in serving communities in which we do business. We are a socially responsible venture and creating sustainable value for the society is an integral part of our business. We believe in aligning our business operations with social values by channeling a percentage of our profits towards non-profit initiatives within the communities where we exist. As a responsible Corporate Citizen, we are committed to leverage the power of IT to bridge the ‘digital divide’ that limits opportunities for success and prosperity, and thereby, transform lives of the less privileged.


iQuasar is constantly evaluating various initiatives and strategies to help the society at large. Some of our community services initiatives/works include

  • Partnering with social and community service organizations to raise funds
  • Work on financial inclusion product implementations
  • Initiatives to promote public awareness campaigns
  • Promote quality higher education for less fortunate children in underdeveloped societies by providing money for scholarships
  • Promote skills training to unemployed stimulating economic development activities
  • Help other organizations provide health care in far-flung areas in poorer regions of the world
Our Community Services
  • Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) Educational Foundation

    Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) Educational FoundationiQuasar sponsor scholarships in Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) Educational Foundation. The foundation provides additional financial support for the College’s students and programs and strives to obtain resources from private individuals, businesses and other foundations. The Foundation offers scholarships for currently enrolled students and enhancing the Scholarship Fund is a Foundation priority

  • Loudoun Education Foundation

    iQuasar Sponsor scholarships in The Loudoun Education Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to invest community resources in educational projects that encourage the students, teachers and administrators of Loudoun County Public Schools to seek educational excellence and to celebrate those individuals that achieve such excellence. The Foundation’s vision is to enhance the educational excellence of Loudoun County Public Schools through the private support of individuals and the local business community

  • Kashmir Education Initiative

    iQuasar also supports Kashmir Education Initiative in Kashmir (KEI).The organization provides financial support and mentorship for bright school kids on merit plus need basis. KEI has sponsored tuition of many meritorious and deserving children in Kashmir. Every year, these students are selected after a well-defined screening process whereby academic performance, the student’s unique abilities, and individual financial needs are taken into consideration. Our nonprofit mission is focused on education and supporting education initiatives that continue to make difference in the lives of less fortunate among us

  • Child Nurture And Relief (CHINAR)

    Child Nurture And Relief (CHINAR) is focused on the empowerment of “Orphans, Vulnerable Children & Marginalized Youth” in conflict areas through Education and Socioeconomic Initiatives. Currently, they are running programs in Kashmir, India with a vision to expand to other parts of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India and the world. The bottom line is, if a vulnerable child can’t get an education because of poverty, CHINAR can help. The idea is to provide such children with a wholesome environment at home, at school and in the community, so that the children can blossom and reach their full potential. In an institutionalized care model, an orphan or vulnerable child is brought into a well-conditioned and controlled environment. CHINAR, on the other hand, use a holistic approach to create a healthy and nurturing environment for vulnerable children without displacing them. iQuasar as a supporting partner helps them to organise events to raise awareness about the initiative in the valley.

  • Relief and Rehab Asia

    The name of the organization is “Relief and Rehab Asia Inc., iQuasar helps the organization in achieving the following purposes and activities:

    • To conduct fund-raising activities for the sole purpose of supporting relief work to help the victims of the South East Asia earthquake in terms of Food Aid, Shelter, Education, and Rehabilitation.
    • To promote a friendly image of the United States among the South East Asian communities through relief activities.
    • To collaborate and cooperate with other Philanthropic and Charitable organization to achieve these aims and objectives.

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