Maritime Administration Awards Nearly $20 Million in Funding to Strengthen U.S. Shipyard Economic Competitiveness

Aug 1, 2022

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) announced $19.6 million in grant awards to 24 small shipyards in 19 states through the Small Shipyard Grant Program. The funds will help awardees modernize, increase productivity, and expand local employment opportunities while competing in the global marketplace.


Since 2008, MARAD’s Small Shipyard Grant Program has awarded $282.2 million to nearly 300 shipyards in 32 states and territories throughout the U.S. They strengthen communities along and near our nation’s ports and waterways. Many small shipyards are family-run businesses— all enterprises in which small investments can make big differences. Below is a complete list of shipyard grant recipients from the Fiscal Year 2022:

Blakely Boatworks Inc., Mobile, AL, will receive $722,460 to support the purchase of major components of metal working equipment consisting of welding machines and a variety of material handling equipment.

Catalyst Marine Engineering, Seward, AK, will receive $418,903 to support purchasing two welding units and one propulsion unit.

Bay Marine Boatworks, Inc., Richmond, CA, will receive $875,968 to support the purchase of a 100-ton marine travel lift and a 60 self-propelled vessel transporter.

International Ship Repair & Marine Service,Inc., Tampa, FL, will receive $880,758. These funds will support the purchase of a plasma cutting table, a 36,000-pound forklift, welding equipment, and a 20-ton overhead crane.

Patti Marine Enterprises, Inc., Pensacola, FL, will receive $1,200,000 to construct a new 800-ton drydock.

Turn Services, LLC, of New Orleans, LA, will receive $988,742 in funding to add a 60-ton pedestal crane to their shipyard facility.

Duclos Corporation dba Gladding Hearn, Somerset, MA, will receive $949,899 to support the purchase of a set of Hanging Shop Doors, a Transporter, and a One-ton Overhead Crane.

Chesapeake Shipbuilding, Corp., Salisbury, MD, will receive $1,114,539 to support the purchase of a Plasma Table, 30-ton mobile travel lift crane, 250-ton automated tooling computer numerical control (CNC), and a 14-foot CNC press brake.

Moran Iron Works, Inc., Onaway, MI, will receive $500,561 to support purchasing a CNC Fabricating System. This project will significantly enhance the automation of complex fabrications and drastically reduce production time.

ST Engineering Halter Marine and Offshore, Inc., Pascagoula, MS, will receive $1,154,670 to support the purchase of an Electric “Green” Blast and Paint Booth Project.

Arcosa Marine Products, Inc., Caruthersville, MO, is set to receive $869,951 for panel line improvements and welding equipment.

Dorchester Shipyard, Inc., Dorchester, NJ, will receive $796,143 to facilitate upgrades to their marine railway used to haul/launch vessels repaired/constructed in their shipyard.

May Ship Repair Contracting Corporation, Staten Island, NY, will receive $436,800 to support the purchase of a computer numerical control (CNC) Cutting Table, three rotating jig positions, and a blasting booth.

Robert E. Derecktor, Inc., Mamaroneck, NY, will receive $294,483 to support the purchase of a new CNC Flatbed Lathe that can shape metal into complex parts from any solid modeling program.

McGinnis, Inc, South Point, OH, will receive $770,250 to support the purchase of a 110 Ton Crane to shorten the time it takes to complete major construction, renovation, fabrication, or re-power projects and improve material handling capabilities.

The Great Lakes Towing Company of Cleveland, OH, will receive $781,627 to support the purchase of tooling and equipment to improve the shipyard operations, and to foster efficiency, competitive operations and quality ship construction, repair, and maintenance.

Blackfish Solutions, LLC dba ReconCraft, Estacada, OR, will receive $638,667 to support purchasing and installing new overhead 25-ton cranes and rigging to maximize this space’s functionality and utility. Additionally, funding will support the acquisition of additional welding equipment.

Shaver Transportation Company, Portland, OR, was awarded $649,638 for their new Shipyard Electrification Project to include electrical upgrades, an 18-ton pedestal-mounted electric crane, and a solar energy system installation.

Blount Boats, Inc., Warren, RI, will receive $937,933 to purchase a telehandler, two 3-ton overhead cranes, a single forklift, and four scissor lifts to improve their material handling efficiency significantly.

Detyens Shipyards, Inc., North Charleston, SC, was awarded $566,617 to support the purchase of new electric fire pumps to replace their current diesel pumps to support pier side and dry-docked vessels.

Fairlead Boatworks, Inc., Newport News, VA, will receive $900,000 to support the purchase of a new 160-ton rough terrain crane.

Ice Floe, LLC dba Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Freeland, WA, has been awarded $1,234,408 to support the purchase and installation of a one-sided welder to include a material handling conveyor system, transitional magnetic bed.

SAFE Boats International, LLC, located in Bremerton, WA, will receive $716,983 to support the modernization of their facility, acquiring an 80-ton self-propelled vessel transporter and new aluminum welding equipment, and mobile lifting equipment to include an extended reach forklift, scissor lift, and large forklift.

Fincantieri Marine Group, LLC – Bay Shipbuilding, Sturgeon Bay, WI, will receive $1,200,000 to support the modernization of their graving dock pumps.

Additional information can be found here.


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