On July 25, 2023, DHS announced that it intends to host a pre-solicitation virtual Industry Day for its much-awaited $5.6B contract vehicle Program Management, Administration, Clerical, and Technical Services (PACTS) III.

For small business contractors aspiring to work with the federal government, PACTS III is a chance to embrace fresh opportunities, conquer challenges, and elevate their businesses to new heights.

We conducted a Webinar “Inside PACTS III: A Deeper Look at the Opportunity!”

Here is the Recording

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For how many functional categories can offerors submit their proposals?
All the work under PACTS III will be performed under the following functional categories FC1: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services, FC2: Office Administrative Services, and FC3: Engineering Services.
What kind of labor categories will be utilized in PACTS III?
TOCOs have the following flexibilities regarding labor categories that may be utilized: PACTS III standardized labor categories, or The contractor proposed custom or specialized labor categories that are non-standard, or TOCO-directed, non-standard custom or specialized labor categories customized to the requirement.
What is the estimated award date for PACTS III?
The Government anticipates an award in August 2024.
How many awards will result under PACTS III for each Functional Category?
The PACTS III Multiple Award IDIQ (MA-IDIQ) may consist of approximately five (5) separate and distinct MA-IDIQ contracts designated under each of the four (4) small business set-aside programs for each of the three (3) functional categories.

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