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iQuasar helps businesses and government clients define, design, and engineer their business processes so that workflows can be automated, controlled, and measured. We enable our clients to maintain a sharp focus on their business processes to keep them well aligned with changing customer needs and demands. Our highly rated Information Technology and Business Analyst experts employ their well-rounded skills to improve and redesign the core processes of your business. Our work at companies like Comcast, T-Mobile, and Verizon has helped them deliver strong value by improving efficiency and quality for their internal and external customers. With expertise on tools like DOORS and verticals like Telecommunications, we design, document, and improve complex business processes and methods and procedures.
Customer Engagement Process

iQuasar sets up initial meetings with the client organization to define the engagement governance model and project management roles. We choose a set of consultants to work on the project and deploy them based on the needs of the project. Our consultants employ a multi-pronged strategy to improve the productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your business:

  • Evaluate organizational structures and resource roles
  • Document the current state “as-is” processes
  • Conduct extensive interviews and brainstorming sessions with end users at the organization to identify gaps in existing processes and how to evolve them to a “to be” state
  • Identify all tools and technology touch points within the processes used for automation of certain functions
  • Redesign the core processes of business that are well in line with the objectives and changing customer demands of service delivery and service assurance
  • Document the “to be” processes
  • Use Information Technology expertise to evolve the “to be” processes from their “as is” states
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